X Factor 2011 hopeful Johnny Robinson 'inspired by family heartbreak'

Johnny Robinson X Factor

It’s X Factor sob story time, and this one is quite emotional. Unlike Kitty Brucknell’s rather pathetic story about her ginger hair, Johnny Robinson has revealed how he has been inspired by his late father to sing. The 45-year-old shocked the judges on last night’s show with his voice.

Louis raved: “Oh Johnny, when you walked out I wasn’t expecting you to be anything close to this, and then you started singing and it was very unusual, you have a very unique voice.”

Speaking to The People, Johnny said: “I was so close to my ­father, who died three years ago. He had lung cancer and two brain tumours.

“I still can’t talk about it because it makes me really upset, but I know he’s with me all the way and will help me go further in the competition. I wasn’t that close to my mum but my dad was really special.”


Recalling his audition at London’s O2 Arena, Johnny continued: “I thought I would just give it a go and I couldn’t believe how people reacted. People we’re standing up clapping, I couldn’t believe all this was for little old me.

The openly-gay singer went on: “I just like to keep myself to myself, I liked working at the nursing home and helping but I moved to London to a bedsit to give singing a go.

“I had a boyfriend for 12 years but that’s so long ago now. I don’t see the point in finding someone. No, I just want to be on my own, I don’t want to be having a civil partnership or anything, they don’t last anymore.”

He added: “My dream would be making an album. I’d like to be taken seriously as a singer.”

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