PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates are kidnapped!

Here's a first look at tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2013, as Carol McGiffin, Lauren Harries and Mario Falcone are taken hostage!

Mario, Carol and Lauren were called to the diary room yesterday; they were told that their task was to pretend to be held prisoner, by a fake villain called Mr Big.

To pass the task they must get the other housemates to complete a list of demands. They will be secretly living in luxury watching the others from their hidden room.

Mario pretended to be Mr Big, dressed up in the diary room, and was shown on the living room plasma, talking through a voice changer effect.

He introduced the task to the other housemates. The screen cut to static, Mario then quickly ripped off the costume, and went down to the task room to sit in one of the trick chairs that makes it look like they are tied up with Carol and Lauren in front of a dungeon backdrop. The three tied up prisoners then appeared on the screen, and to show that Mr Big was serious, he dropped horrible insects all over the housemates in the chairs. In fact this was a trick, and the insects were really harmless lentils and black beans.

From this point onwards Mario, Carol and Lauren will be based in the task room, where they will watch the others from the luxurious half of their room. When it is time for a demand to be made, they will record these demands in the diary room through a voice changer, which will then play into a pay phone in the house.

Yesterday's demands included getting the housemates to eat gruesome food and making Louie walk on glass.

But there were some positives for the other housemates, with Courtney being reunited with her husband in the small task room.

Watch the task on Channel 5 tonight from 9PM.

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  • Sammy

    Why is Lauren back in the luxury room spying on the other housemates again? BB definitely seems to have his favourites. Or maybe it's guilt for putting her into the house when she blatantly is too fragile to cope with it

  • The Man

    Lentils and black beans > Should have used the real thing for realities sake.

  • Victor D

    Lauren is starting to do my head in...I really think she needs to go as well , A person on that many pills should not be playing this game anyway...I like her but she is to fucking needy for me .....Out with the walking dead , that's what she is like in there anyways ...Mark my words ABZ will win this all ...Look what happened with Sam winning ...

    • The Man

      I think one of the tasks should be Louie and Sophie changing places. Wear each others clothes, Louie wear a wig and Sophie have her head shaved. PS I like Abz (he thinks deep).

  • jennyjuniper

    If only it were true and those three really were kidnapped!

    • Grace

      My thoughts exactly! :0)

    • The Man

      Would we actually miss them?

    • Grace

      I know you replied to Jenny and I hope she doesn't mind my reply to you. I certainly wouldn't miss Carol. She's a Green eyed monster. Grrrr! So annoying.