'GoCompare' car insurance telly ad named most annoying of 2010


The advert for car insurance comparison website GoCompare has been named the most irritating telly ad of 2010, a survey has revealed. The advert beat out stiff competition to take the title for a second year however, with WeBuyAnyCar and coming a close second in Marketing Magazine's annual poll.

59% of the people surveyed said they were annoyed by the Opera singer in the advert, compared with 48% of those asked saying they were put off by WeBuyAnyCar's adverting campaign. Other infuriating adverts making the top 10 included InjuryLawyers4U, CashMyGold, Moonpig and L'Oreal.

Despite being named the most irritating television ad campaign for two years in a row, Nick Hall, marketing director at Gocompare, said that the campaign was successful. He told Marketing Magazine: "The strategy and objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the Gocompare brand and ensure that it's front of mind, and we have certainly achieved that."

Meanwhile it seems that people are becoming bored of our country's top celebrities, with ads including JLS and Cheryl Cole also making the list. Marketing pro Nicola Clark said: "Even the nation's sweetheart, Cheryl Cole, showed signs of slipping in the public affection, coming in equal 10th for swishing her mane of glossy hair and extensions for L'Oreal Elvive."

The full top 10 most annoying ads of 2010 were:

  • 1. GoCompare
  • 2. WeBuyAnyCar
  • 3. InjuryLawyers4U
  • 4. Cashmygold
  • 5. Halifax
  • 6. Foxy Bingo
  • 7. Nintendo
  • 8. Moonpig.com
  • 9. Moneysupermarket
  • 10= Microsoft Windows 7
  • 10= L'Oreal Elvive
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  • Lynn

    Pity they had only just started showing those Co-op ads - they are so annoying and patronising I want to scream and would have to make the top ten. . It certainly stops me ever going near my local store

  • Isaac

    How Dare Anyone Vote For Nintendo? I don't find your XBox and PlayStation commercials too enjoyable, you know.

    But anyways, Halifax should be much higher, while MazumaMobile and QuickQuid need an entrance at the top end of this chart. I avtually quite like the GoCompare adverts.