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Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary LOSES IT with Lotan Carter in huge row Big Brother 2017

Chanelle McCleary loses it with Lotan Carter in a huge row on tonight's Big Brother 2017.

POLL! Big Brother 2017 housemates - who's your favourite? Vote here! big-brother-poll-week-4

Big Brother 2017 is heading into its fourth week and so here's our very latest popularity poll of the series.

Big Brother 2017 results! One housemate out in surprise eviction big-brother-nominations-rebecca

Rebecca Jane has been evicted from Big Brother 2017 in tonight's results.

Big Brother: Raphael Korine to walk? He admits he's 'had enough' raph-bbuk

Raphael Korine has admitted he's 'had enough' on Big Brother 2017.

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