Celebrity Big Brother: Danica 'dumps boyfriend for Prince Lorenzo'

Danica Thrall

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Danica Thrall has reportedly dumped her boyfriend in favour of Prince Lorenzo, it has been revealed.

Danica and Prince Lorenzo certainly hit it off in the house, with both confessing they had feelings for one another.

And now it's been reported that Danica has ditched her property developer boyfriend Ben King of four months in order to date The Prince.

The Daily Star reports that Danica and her boyfriend fell out over a joint OK! magazine photoshoot with both the Prince and Danica.

"She had a massive row with her boyfriend Ben as he didn’t want her to do the OK! job," pals told the tabloid today. “She explained that as a model she was obliged to, and she was excited about the theme. When Ben demanded she obey him and stay at home, she told him their relationship was over.

“Naturally Prince Lorenzo was there to pick up the pieces. He has always admitted being smitten by her and it gave him the perfect opportunity to make a move.”

A supposed source on the set of the photoshoot confirmed to the newspaper this morning: “Danica and Lorenzo were all over one another at the shoot and acting like lovestruck schoolchildren.”

Friends even claim that Danica is already making plans to move to New York with Prince Lorenzo, who is worth an estimated £30 million.

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  • shirley

    what an old rat she is.... if he is that gulable then good luck to them

  • Jacqui

    Good luck to them..

  • Kody

    Wow so just like that she left her boyfriend for Lorenzo! I like Lorenzo but I hope Danica is sure about what she's doing.

  • keagan’j

    If he was a nobody she wouldnt even look at him, she admits she will do things for moneyand gifts so to bag him is the best prize, he could be amyone who had his title and money and she would have gone for them. I feel sorry for him that he cant see what everyone else can. She showed what a nasty vile person she was when she had the row with the situation, im glad he got away fron her, princes family dont know whats going to hit them with her and god help him if he marries her.

    • dz

      Let's hope he has the sense to use her for sex then dump her when he's had his fill.

  • loveit

    Lucky Lorenzo, she's amazing and will make a great Princess. Get over yourselves all the jealous people.

  • WHAT?

    and I'm sure he being very wealthy has nothing to do with it?

  • Aggie

    They are a very attractive couple. I wish them all the best.

  • Kareena

    She only wants Prince for the money and fame, she has a gameplan.

  • honey

    only using him for his money, just make sure when you get married prince make her sign a prenup before the whore takes all your money.

    • dz

      Give him some credit. He is not stupid enough to marry her. He will use her for sex then dump her. It's what she deserves.

  • dz

    Appears the Daily Star were lying about this story. I should have known better than to believe what that rag says.