Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag lose fans

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

CBB 2013 housemates Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are becoming friendless with Ladbrokes' punters.

The couple's trouble making appears to have crossed the line with punters after Speidi purposely failed the letters task, and the firm have not seen one bet for the pair to win the show in the last 48 hours, consequently leaving their odds to drift out to 12/1 from just 6/1 on Monday.

Rylan remains the odds-on favourite at 4/9 despite the gamble on Tricia who is now chalked up in second position with odds of 2/1.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: "Heidi and Spencer are quickly becoming the most hated housemates in CBB history and it's no wonder why no one in the UK has staked a penny on them in the last few days."

Ladbrokes latest betting

Winner of CBB

Rylan Clark 4/9

Tricia Penrose 2/1

Heidi & Spencer 12/1

Neil Ruddock 16/1

Frankie Dettori 40/1

Ryan Moloney 40/1

Claire Richards 40/1

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  • Rylan fan

    I am quite surprised that they have any fans and whoever these fans are if I was them I would question my judgement about people. I dont think they can possibly be real as no real person with a heart could act the way that they do, totally fake and bullies

  • Carol Porter

    I cannot understand the mentality of the couple, will not compete and do anything, but think it's funny Claire did not get her letter, BB should have took their letter away and banned them from everything or evicted them themselves, l have American relatives but they would never do a thing like that, please vote them out on Wednesday, I AM FED UP WITH THEM!!

  • Fleur

    The Bookies talk a lot of tosh. Dont think theyve EVER got a BB or a CBB winner correct yet lol. Remember Alex!! remember Jedward!! remember Martin Kemp!! All Bookies favourites and all came 3rd lol.

  • tina

    love them spidie to win at least they dont bitch behind back lol they do it right to there faces defo not two faced may be trish should grow some balls hope spidie win

    • lisa burton

      Excuse me, but what button have you been hitting on your remote??? "don't bitch", gimme a break the Stepford wifey sneers insults via closed lips whilst the mormon one merely grinns inhanely uttering vile inuendos!
      Rylan is the only HM with [balls] even Razor holds back because the fee is worth waiting for win or no win, The ODD couple have made derogatory remarks as to the 'whore' word aimed at Rylan - hmmmm, wonder if Rylan uttered same would he not be hauled n2 the diary room/BB threatned with "our Lawyers'". [We] have already alerted via Twitter as to same uttered 2nite @ 22:19 by the grinning vile Spency - lets see if Rylan calls in his Legal team, eh? (& taped for good measure).
      I have also lived in the US for 7rs & [never] encountered such down right nasty spawn. Hit Google & research SECT'S/FANS'.....EXPLAINS IT ALL.