Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie's girlfriend won't take him back (yet!)


Daley Ojuederie's girlfriend Katie Corriette has so far refused to take him back after his boot from Big Brother 2013.

Daley was removed on Monday by bosses over an aggressive outburst at Hazel O'Sullivan, following somewhat of a romantic relationship between the pair.

But despite joining Daley on Bit On The Side this week as he explained his side of the story, she's so far keeping her distance, jetting off on holiday.

“Katie has been put through the mill for the last couple of weeks," a source told the Daily Star newspaper. “Not only has she had to watch her man get involved with another woman, she’s seen him get booted off the show for being aggressive.

“Katie showed her support by being there for Daley when he left the show but this doesn’t mean he’s out of the dog house."

The insider added: “Katie just needs the space to work out what she wants to do next.”

Meanwhile, Daley has set up an official Twitter account where he aplogised again for the incident.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who is supporting me, sorry to anyone I offended," he wrote online. “I was stupid and will learn from my mistakes.”

Daley added: “Don’t get too annoyed at people slating me, it’s something I have to take on the chin.”

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  • Tom Smith

    You asked for what got,you knew you had a girlfriend and would of not cared less about her if things had gone well with Hazel,you need to think before you try and head butt someone.

  • Dina

    I was surprised that BB even gave him the chance to 'have his say' on bit on the side, he didn't need to be allowed to explain himself we saw what he did and it was vile, anyone who is removed from the house should have no further part in the programme.

  • Doc Hicks

    He's lucky he's only lost his girlfriend (maybe) and getting slated (and HEROICALLY taking it on the chin).
    If there was any justice in this world he would be in a police cell.

    I'm told I can't make a 3rd party assault allegation to Hertz police as I am not a resident of Hertfordshire.
    Yet I can't believe that given the size of Hertfordshire there are no residents willing to make a complaint to Hertz Police.

  • jennyjuniper

    So Doc Hicks would report Daley to the police? I hope at the same time you would report Hazel for slapping Daley too?

    • The Man

      Maybe he'll also point out the strangle marks on her throat, and the bruises on her head which he made. I think if the police watched the full item they would just leave it with a warning to both of them.

    • Jacqui

      Laughable isn't it, Daley was well and truly played... His girlfriend is making a few bob with her stories, wouldn't be surprise if she wasn't on celebrity bb..

  • bibby

    men like him are always sorry until the next time he is a nasty piece of work

  • t

    has anyone failed to see that hazel pulled the lads pants down on national tv he was actually goin to sleep an hazel wanted to play an a whole lot more an we all no it shes a slapper hes a dick so they both deserve each other an leave the girlfriend aloan how would u like see ya man or mrs on tv with someone else