Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan gets death threats after 'cucumber gate'


Big Brother UK housemate Hazel O'Sullivan has been at the target of death threats online.

It follows the Irish beauty being caught up in another row in the house, dubbed cucumber gate.

We saw Hazel clash with best pal Charlie Travers in last night's show after Charlie poked Hazel in the eye with a cucumber.

Hazel branded Charlie "aggressive", although denied it, causing Charlie to get rather wound up.

Charlie moaned: "Hazel you used the word aggressive. I don’t like the fact that someone said to me behind my back that I was aggressive.”

Most viewers sided with Charlie in the argument, with vile comments posted online aimed at Hazel.

"Hazel I'm sure you've had more long round things in your eye than a f**king cucumber you h** shut up," wrote one fan of the show.

Another tweeted: "Seriously , I wanna shoot hazel now ."

A third user wrote on an internet forum: "Oi Hazel needs to get fly kicked in the face. Stupid bitch! Trying to win back the public by making Charley the bad one."

"Is she even that drink though? Hazel please, I wana go into the house and kick her throat. [sic]," a fourth commented.

Meanwhile, ejected housemate Daley Ojuederie joined in the Hazel bashing online after Charlie compared the situation to his exit.

He tweeted: "Just came In and thought let me see what all the fuss is about. @bbuk Charlie having my back. wow that's all I have to say."

Big Brother 2013 continues to air on Channel 5 every night.

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  • jennyjuniper

    Has anyone noticed that the majority of these stupid death threats has something in common? Lack of intelligence and appalling grammer.

    • Bob


  • laura

    Skid marks of society...

  • The Man

    Why do some people have to typically go over the top with things? Only idiots would make death threats over something like Big Brother. To come up with something like that some people must have very weird minds. They need a psychiatrist and fast.
    I myself do not like Hazel in the least, but that's no reason to offer death threats to her. The best revenge I want is her is out of the house, and it's been the same with any other housemate that I've disliked over the years. I hope they find the people doing it.
    As for Hazel saying she didn't say the word 'aggressive', she did at approximately 36:50 (it's on you tube), she said to Callum 'it's just that she was getting a bit aggressive'. Charlie in her drunken state may have taken this out of context as Hazel was commenting on why she went to the diary room. She did though later say she had not said 'aggressive' which did not help the situation at all.

    • jennyjuniper

      Also heard on Youtube during 'Callum's Rant' He called Dexter 'A White Gandhi'?? I'm still trying to figure that out. Was it a compliment, seeing as Gandhi was one of the great peacemakers of our time, or an insult, seeing as this was delivered with a snarl?
      What amuses me about Callum is he's like a child having a tantrum, snarling 'I'm going to do this to Dexter and say that' But when he has the opportunity to do just that....nothing. Grow up Callum. You are 36 years old and too old for tantrums.

    • The Man

      by eck he's even more immature than me (and I'm bad enough). I saw something to brighten my morning though, I nice picture of Charlie in a bikini on the Star site. As they say 'Little things please little minds'.

    • kayleigh

      i thought callum was 28...

    • lindsay

      However did say she said that but thought she was on about the diary room, get your facts write. THE MAN IS A TROLL, he is one of these people who probaly have sent death streats as he stalks everything about Hazel. #teamhazel

    • The Man

      Try (as I've suggested), WATCH THE EPISODE - I put exactly what she said at the point where she said she didn't say aggressive. No words before that bit that I put and none after (though she did say some before and after which I never said she didn't). Are some people on here incapable of watching things without actually seeing what happened or hearing what was said. I also put on an earlier post that 'I hope they find the people doing it'. It should be pretty easy with the technology the police have at their disposal.

  • Jordan

    Have y'all ever read anything as ridiculous as this, ??
    When a journalist sits down to concoct a story on a slow news day,
    y'all would think they'd come up with something better than this

    • The Man

      It's happened before, and no doubt it will happen again. BB at these times usually up their security, and double check the eviction audience. It's also happened with actors from plays and more often soaps when the actor has been attacked for the character they play. If people can't differentiate TV from real life then it's time they retired to a padded cell where they will be no longer a danger to anyone. I can't understand how you personally have never heard of this happening before though as I thought everyone would have.

  • Tom Smith

    Police say the couch potatoes who complained did not like the way their fellow vegetables were being treated by the Charlie.

  • Rebecca

    Big brother just get Hazel out!

  • Jacqui

    Absolutely ridiculous some people need to get a life.. Hazel was the one poked in the eye by the cucumber.. Or is this a ploy for sympathy of the viewers set up by bb.. Makes you wonder..

    • The Man

      Just watched the 'poke' 7 times, and not only does it look to be her cheek it hits, but it also looks on the opposite side (download from you tube). I even took several screen pics and it still looked same (alt/prtsc). I will likely watch it a few more times to make sure, but I'm sure I'll come to the same conclusion (when I'm fully satisfied I'll delete it which will probably be later today - and let people go to you tube for a dissemination), pity I didn't put it to record (easier to go through frame by frame). Even if it did hit her eye was she not lashing out at other housemates with it beforehand in a very haphazard way that could have hit them in the eye?

    • Jacqui

      I can't find the vid to watch again, but they were both messing with the cucumber.. But having said that Charlie did go on too much, and Hazel lied again this time about not using the word "aggressive" still no reason for death threats if there is any..

    • The Man

      That's why I downloaded it this morning as one copy had already been blocked. I've just checked and I couldn't find it (only the blocked one. It is apparently available on other sites though. Google it, and you'll likely find a copy. They don't seem to like people questioning things that should be our freedom to know. Charlie does go on a lot I'll agree with that, and as I said before death threats are absolutely pathetic that only nutters would give.

    • Jacqui

      Just found the video and your right it did hit her cheek, Charlie repeated it too and still it never went near the eye..

    • Mary

      you have a very sad life if you watched it 7 times,downloaded it, took screen pics.

      when you are fully satisfied maybe a trip to a therapist may be in order !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Man

      I hate to be proven wrong so will go through hell and high water to prove I'm right. If I am wrong on the rare occasion I'll apologise, and admit being wrong. I don't though like being led up the path by people saying things that aren't right if I can prove them. I suppose you will just believe everything you are told. By the way I watched it another 5 to make it a dozen and still came to the same conclusion.

    • JordanIRL

      hahaha Mary I agree. He has serve problems hahahahaha, its a TV show and Hazel will make the most money from it. So let the Haters Hate

    • The Man

      Jordan you are now making an absolte fool of yourself I repeat to you I don't know how many times so if you can't take this one I wont bother again. I DO NOT HATE HAZE, BUT I THOUROUGLY DISLIKE HER AND WANT HER OUT. Can yo red this or will you prove yourself to be stupid and reiterate (or is that too longer word for you?), that I hate her.

  • annie riley

    Daley just to let you know it not just Charlie that got you back over Hazel I for one will be crying out on Friday night GRT HAZEL OUT she should have gone when you did

  • Catzy179

    Ye are all sad bastards!!!