Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh's mum admits his back story is 'fake'

Dexter Koh (Big Brother 2013)

The mum of Big Brother 2013 housemate Dexter Koh has confessed not all he's boasted about in the house is true.

Most of Dexter's back story has already been pulled apart in the press, with revelations that his big casino win and champagne binge was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

His own business manager recently claimed that Dexter was broke with "no money at all", and his 'media' job involved being a paparazzi photographer.

Even has mum confessed that a lot of what he said to get into the house was "exaggeration", such as his tales of being London's highest paid male escort and "most notorious" Sugar Daddy.

"I'm not sure about the male escort bit - I think that was an exaggeration," mum Ellen says. "I think years ago someone wanted to do an article.

"If someone says: 'I'll give you £6,000 for your name and picture', you'd say yes wouldn't you? I think it was actually more like £25,000."

And Dex's mum also revealed she also wasn't sure his girlfriend was real either.

"I've not met her," she said. "He told me he liked her a lot, but it was early days - I don't think he had the time to get to know her."

Ellen added: "It's work to him. He'll look for ways to make money and will go for it - whatever it is."

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  • jan

    the headline is fake his mother said I don't think and I am not sure which is more like it as with most men and there mother's they don't know what there sons get up too and most would not want to know

    • jennyjuniper

      Too true Jan. Anyway Callum has already admitted that what he said to get on the show was fake and I'm sure he and Dexter aren't the only ones to 'embelish' their interview tapes.

  • Doc Hicks

    Does it really take his mother selling him out (good parent lol) for people to spot Dexter as full of bull?

    • Ryan Lee

      Exactly. I mean I still can't believe Charlie trusts him more than Callum. Dexter would stab her in the back in a heart beat.

    • jennyjuniper

      I doubt it. Callum on the other hand is the more dangerous. The type of guy who stalks a woman, because he can't believe she isn't fascinated by him. What a creep.

    • das

      no he wouldn't dexter has a good heart where as callum is a fruit loop and a fake latched on to sam for the sympathy vote

  • Victor D

    Has Gina Washed yet day 47 and still no shower ...Poor house mates have to smell that for three more weeks ...OMG ....

    • hello

      That's because she is a man in drag

  • scouse66

    Difference is that Callums mum confirmed her son is being himself while Dexters mum says he is being fake and has lied. Callum only fibbed on VT in order to get into BB house and then owned up to it with no issues. Dexter has not let go of it where as he has done the exact same thing. He just doesn't want the others to know until the game is over!! He's not interested in any of the others once the game is over, as long as he's won. He's admitted he is a user. They just refuse to see it. Pity for them.

    • Ryan Lee

      I agree! Everyone just uses Callum as door mat now and it's not right. Dexter assumed he could walk all over him but Callum bite him back. What was funny is when Dexter tried taking on Sam and Sam wiped the floor with him.

  • Big Brother Fan123

    This only makes me love Dexter even more!