Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh branded 'huge fake' by ex-girlfriend


Dexter Koh's ex girlfriend has claimed that the Big Brother 2013 housemate is a 'huge fake'.

Glamour model Danielle McMahon went out with the self-proclaimed sugar daddy for four months before he entered the house in June.

Speaking to The Scottish Sun newspaper, Danielle claimed that almost every aspect of Dexter's Big Brother life was fake.

"He’s a real manipulator, he plays mind games and he mixes up stories. He’s a professional liar," she told the tabloid this week. “I can’t even watch the show anymore because I can’t stand his lies.

“Everything about him is completely fake. He said he’s slept with 2,000 women, but I know for a fact that he’s only slept with eight."

Danielle said Dex's claims of being a "notorious" sugar daddy, strip club owner and PR guru were all made up.

“Everyone thinks he’s a sugar daddy and that he’s loaded — he’s not. He lives in a semi in Liverpool," she explained. “He claims to have owned a strip club, but he hasn’t. He was a waiter in a strip club. He also said he was a celebrity magician. That’s another lie, he used to work in Hamleys toy shop.

"His main source of income was from papping Z-list celebrities. He just waits outside clubs for hours and makes money from that. When I met him back in December he had about 16,000 followers, and he told me three-quarters of them were fake.”

Even Dex's mum confessed that a lot of what he said to get into the house was "exaggeration", such as his tales of being London's highest paid male escort.

"I'm not sure about the male escort bit - I think that was an exaggeration," mum Ellen said last week. "I think years ago someone wanted to do an article.

"If someone says: 'I'll give you £6,000 for your name and picture', you'd say yes wouldn't you? I think it was actually more like £25,000."

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  • jennyjuniper

    As if anyone believed his tall stories anyway. In fact I make a point of not believing anything a contestant says in their interview. They all lie.
    I still like the guy though. I especially like the way he's kept his manners and temper through some truly awful times with El Creepo. I think Dexter deserves a place in the final, if only for putting up with some of the horrors that call themselves housemates.

  • jennyjuniper

    Dexter admitted in the house that he had only slept with 8 women. I hate these bitter ex's who crawl out of the woodwork to kiss and tell. Wasn't this the same girlfriend who Dexter met on the 'Sugar Daddy' website? If so, we know exactly where she's coming from.

  • Tom Smith

    Charlie and Hazel out double eviction.Dexter would suddenly fall in love with Gina who both go well together in wonderland.

    • Jacqui

      Dexter was attracted to Charlie that was it, he said he would take her out when they leave and has left it at that.. He hasn't even flirted with her since, and also said weeks ago there was no love triangle.. The only one who come out with that load of rubbish was Callum.. Charlie played on it, that is why when callum was ignoring her she couldn't leave it alone, but I noticed her smile when he was evicted I think she was scared of getting on his wrong side though.. Now she is flirting with Sam!!

  • Jacqui

    Who cares what this bint says really?

    • The Man

      The paper that makes money out of her stories obviously does. Most papers will pay for any dirt on people true or not.

  • lorny42

    bitter twisted sad bitch,stirring the shit,callum lied on his vt so why make a big deal out of dexters fibs,leave him alone,he did not deserve those boos last night either

  • ian

    hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
    is a fraze that comes to mind

  • julia

    I am not interested in what or what may not be true,if he's lied so what,i'm only interested in how he has entertained us in big brother,if they were all nicey, nicey how boring would that of been. she has obviously been paid for her article, so get off the band wagon girl

  • Janice Heggie

    they will say what they think will make them money on the back of someone else we new all before she said it anyway Dexter has been slagged by house mates since day one and took it all on the chin did not have paddy like most when put up for nomination Dexter for the win

  • The Man

    Wow almost same as what we've known for weeks, maybe she read it in the papers to tell another paper. I still like him though, and think his stay is doing him good. It only a pity his 'greatest' enemy Callum had to go as they were more amusing than the twins with their two sided triangle with the lovely Charlie.

  • John

    Well it is secrets and lies lol

  • gertienom

    So, what Callum said was not that wide of he mark!! Get Dexter out.

  • anita annie

    I went out with him for 9 months back in 2005. We even lived together. Yep, hes a fake, this is all true. I dumped him when he started with this
    giggolo story. He couldnt pay rent, I lent him a couple of thousand pounds so he could get ny. In the end he got desperate and went ahead with this stupid giggolo story. I couldnt deal with it. Yep Dex, its me Anita Annie. Your Norwegian ex, you have become so so sad man. Damn get a real life and stop your lies. Wanna know his story? Email me on and I can tell and can sell you Dexters lifestory. Hes a liar!!