Big Brother 2013: Big twist tonight... will it involve the prize money?

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Big Brother bosses have confirmed another big twist will take place in tonight's show.

Following the latest round of Big Brother nomination results, Charlie Travers, Dexter Koh, Jack and Joe and Sam Evans were all put up for the axe.

It was the last round of nominations and the second time that housemates had to nominate live and face to face.

However, lines have still yet to open for viewers to evict one of the four.

Big Brother announced yesterday that a twist was in store, but did not go into detail, which has led to plenty of speculation.

With just days to go until the final, it's possible that the new twist will involve the prize money, and will almost certainly involve the nominated housemates in some way.

Previous prize money twists have included seeing half of the £100,000 pot being given away last series, in return for one housemate having to immediately forfeit their place in the house.

Big Brother has also been known to give out other cash prizes too, with two housemates sharing £50,000 back in 2008 after a game of prisoner's dilemma.

What do you think the twist will be? Should some of the prize money be given away?

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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  • Tom Smith

    The highest eviction votes is? Jack $ Joe but they win£50,000 as well.

    • Jordan

      take half the pot and leave immediately or stay and take your chances.
      Take it Gina ,,please just take it and go

    • Tom Smith

      I agree with Gina to go but would hate to think she got any prize money,she makes out she say`s things to peoples faces but say`s it with venom behind their backs.Gina is a natural spiteful person there is no acting on that part but she is defiantly not the posh person she makes out, the posh voice is an act
      as she plays for time on each sentence to try to find the correct words to say in the correct way.

    • jennyjuniper

      I still think Gina is the secret mole. Michael was the actor, but there's definately something about Gina that makes me suspicious.

    • Tom Smith

      I hope your right and I hope Dextor is a mole as well,i hate to think that the viewers see them winners when they are maybe the most 2 people in there who have changed personality's to suit the situation to get voters on board.
      I think Dexter was once a girl.

    • jennyjuniper

      I don't care if he was. I want Dexter to win simply because he's the one who has had to put up with the most crap in there, yet still manages to stay pleasant and well mannered. Something all the other housemates could do well to learn.

    • jennyjuniper

      No please no. They'll spend it all on Nutella!!

    • The Man

      Nutella? Rubbish they have a McDonalds just across from their house (makes a very good profit from them two).

  • Doc Hicks

    Maybe there has been no voting yet because Gina and Sophie cheated during live nominations (edited out of the recorded broadcast), and they are both going to be ejected.


    • Jordan

      double please

    • laura

      I'll have a gin n tonic if you're paying LOL x

    • dave

      get shot of them all,give 100k to charity

    • jennyjuniper

      I agree. N.S.P.C.C. is my charity of choice.

  • laura

    There's no prize money at the end of the show! Ha! that's the secret ;-) x

  • storm

    Gina Sophie out dexter win put all house mates up it is only fair twins out friday yes they did cheat

    • Gina2win

      Only Sophie should b up as she was the one who cheated...why should it effect Gina????

  • storm

    dont let SAM or Sophie win they haven't done anything they have sat in the back ground that is all yes they are nice people but not entertainers

  • Jordan

    I'm all for twists to keep the houseguests on they're toes, but a weekly twist is too much,too much,

    When the guys in there expect it on a weekly basis then it hardly comes as a shock,
    for them , or for us

  • Janice Heggie

    it should be them all up or because SOPHIE AND GINA cheated they are the only ones up has to be something about noms hope they are not going to give half the money away again it always goes to a house mate that should not get it

    • Gina2win

      How did Gina cheat!!!???

    • Janice Heggie

      she showed Charlie her choice and told her to vote for her that why Sophie changed from Gina to DEXTER as she was going to say Gina because she new no one else would put her up

  • Ddxbabe

    How come they cheated? I missed that! What happened?

    • The Man

      Sophie was changing her voting on the original live footage (apparently switching between Charlie and Dexter, but we only have her word for it), If you can find the original just watch it to the 'edited'. In the 'edited' though you can still see the ink on her hand when she is in the garden after nominations. If she did maybe others did who we didn't see. I'm thinking that's why they haven't put the voting numbers up as so many people have commented on it, and using something else as an excuse (but that's just my opinion).

    • diva

      You know I thought she was still writing and changing whilst the others were giving their nominations. Not sure that I saw the twins doing anything, but hey its easily missed. But yes you are right she was up to something.

  • Jordan

    Tell them the show has bombed big time, and they have to decide the winner but the prizemoney has been halfed . . . (secrets and lies)

    lite the touch paper and stand well back because the fur is sure to fly...
    lets see who's REALLY there for the cash or the experience...

    experience !! !! !! . . God that mantra is as dumb as the nomination reasons

  • lorny42

    we know what the twist is gonna be the housemates have to decide whos gonna get to final therefore saving the bb fave sam or the twins,its obvious why else havnt the lines been opened,if it was to do with the money the lines would be open and therefiore each hm would have the same fair chance of being evicted,but like hazel theyre finding a way to save snorefest sam or the gruesome twosoime because we all know they wouldnt want dex or charlie saved now would they this is the shittiest big bro ever and i and alot of people i have spoken to are not watching anymore

    • Jornson Nikky

      Am sure u are going to watch till the end see Gina win lol

    • lorny42

      after this series we meant,but we wont watch the final as its obvious whos gonna win as its been fixed for sam to

  • Emily

    Don't really care so long as Sophie doesn't win. Not that keen on the twins or Gina either.

  • Diva

    I would prefer to see Jack and Joe in the final line up as I do not believe Sam has contributed enough to the programme to justify him being there are even winning, but neither do I feel Sophie should be in the final. Like the other comments something was not right with the voting last night. If it was to call a HM into the Diary Room and offer them half the winnings, then I would like to see Jack and Joe, but I don't think they would take it. Or may be if the are told they are the favourites to leave perhaps they would.

  • tom wall

    secrets & lies..... could'nt think of a better name.. they al have secrets. & they al tell lies..would like to add cheating also.. thats next years theme.. secrets, lies & cheat ur way to K100

  • tom wall

    would be a wnderful twist if the 4 nominees were safe & Gina & Sophie were up 4 eviction...would give a weeks wage to charity just to see Gina's face

    • Jimbo

      Oh I am fully on your side about that
      You should work for BB

  • janet morris

    give it to the twins they 18 and Ned it go goo twins to win love them to win just to get up gins and sam and dex and sophie they pick on them holly the time coos they kid s
    plaza vote for them

    • jennyjuniper

      I think you'll find that the tubby twosome are the pickers not the pickee's.

  • Jacqui

    Probably be Sam through to Final, he has glided through so far so what's another week with the prize at the end of it..

  • Victor D

    What they should do with the money is give refunds to the public that called in week after week to vote and BB did what they wanted anyway ...This whole show this year was FIXED ..yes Gina and Dexter were up week after week ..MEANS NOTHING we called to evict but BB saved who the public liked the most ..SO that is a FIX...Sorry Gina and Dexter would of gone weeks ago if the public REALLY had a say ....I cant believe that you the public can like Fake ass low life people unless it was FIXED ....CBB I cant wait ....The people left in the BB house are all BORING ....there is no more DRAMA ...Fuck ALL

    • FIXED!!!

      Gina was saved because she was loved by the public...the only person the show was fixed for was HAZEL!!!!!! To save her week after week and now she's out they are all being nice to her, I call that pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Do you actually believe that the public voted Hazel and Daley into the safe house???If you do then u are a FOOL!!!!!
      The house isn't boring, I was sick of all the evil from Hazel that its a relief the bitch is out.

    • Victor D

      That's why Im saying it was FIXED we didn't vote them in the safe house BB put them there ..that was a FIX ..we were told we were voted to put two people in ..BB did it but we were the ones who called and I know we didn't want them in there ...and by the way after the GF crying on BOTS why would BB put them in there any way ....

  • Am Stevenson

    Get Jack and Joe out. they always try to be funny and they are not . And there laugh us annoyong .

  • Victor D

    If Charlie or the Twins go this week I hope one of them take 1/2 the money and screw them all ...what a Laugh that would be last years show..

  • Ben Tippins

    I'm sorry but HOW DID GINA CHEAT? people are so obsessed by their hatred for her they are accusing her of something she had no part in. It's all down to Sophie. Genuinely please can someone explain how Gina cheated?

  • Ryan Lee

    Please no! Because if it's a group decision then Sophie will get it and to be fair, what has she done? I'd like Charlie to get it, because she's nice and has done something. Gina hasn't done herself any favours with going on about Hazel all the time, but she is still funny

  • laura

    I wonder if the ex housemates have something to do with it? Just a thought!x

  • bbfan

    Sophie should go she's gone around talking about people, I liked her until a couple of weeks ago then she started getting 2 faced and is shit stirring, I think Sam deserves to win he is funny and has really started to come out of his shell now, I think the reason he sat back from the beginning is because there was to many people in the house and he couldn't work out what they were saying due to his hearing. he is entertaining. SAM TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!