Big Brother 2013 final: Who will win the series tonight?


Tonight is the Big Brother 2013 final, but just who will win?

Friday night saw Sophie Lawrence become the latest housemate to leave in the Big Brother 2013 results, booted out ahead of Charlie Travers, Sam Evans and twins Jack and Joe.

She leaves just five housemates fighting it out for the £100,000 prize fund, with all of the remaining housemates leaving tonight, but only one as the winner.

Gina Rio, Dexter Koh, Sam Evans, Charlie Travers and twins Jack and Joe are all in the running, and it's looking like it'll be a close one.

As it stands, our popularity poll is a three horse race, with Gina, Dexter and Sam each having led the votes at different points over the weekend.

At the time of writing, just 2% separates the trio, indicating tonight's vote is set to possibly be one of the closest Big Brother finals ever.

The odds paint a similar story, with Gina, Dexter and Sam all again having little to nothing splitting them.

Charlie and Jack and Joe appear to be out of the running and will probably be out first, meaning it will possibly be their fans who continue to vote that ultimately decide who wins overall.

Who do you think will win and who do you want to win? Add your comments!

Vote for who you want to WIN Big Brother 2013 in our final popularity poll of the series below...

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The Big Brother 2013 final airs tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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  • JustSaying!

    Dexter to win He has earned it ...... :0)

  • Mikki

    If Sam wins it will be a real travesty - a lazy individual who has added not value to the show laid low and now when he has a voice it is ugly and full of hatred at Dex - potty mouthed about females and plays the sympathy card so hard - this week he has tried so hard to make Dex lose his temper but Dexter has remained dignified = the most boring housemate in there. He has been on other game shows and the money was not given to charity. He is 23 years old and is extremely immature - and is not a role model to aspire to - he is so bitter he did not win the twist task - he had the same odds as the others. Says he does not want the money but throws a tantrum about the task
    Trying to call Dexter out today about his g/f situation which Dex explained at the beginning was a new relationship and he had a hall pass- and having talks is hardly being unfaithful . Why did he not bring this up 10 weeks ago or sit down and ask him rather than shout at him to the treehouse like a yob and then did not listen to the answer. Rude, crude and vulgar. Sorry not a inspiration to aspire to or for the deaf that he says he represent and not a worthy winner of the best BB or role model for the show. Dex has given 100% and so has Gina both are deserving winners of the titles.

    • jennyjuniper

      Well said Mikki. It's also obvious that whoever produces this site wants Sam to win, why else only have a picture of him under the title 'Who will win the series tonight'? Come on Tellymix, play fair, because up until now no-one has played fair with Dexter.

    • The Man

      Sam the Sham reminds me of the record 'Life gets tedious don't it' by Peter Lind Hayes. They should either play that when he comes out or 'Wooly Bully' after his namesake Sam the Sham (who unlike the BB one was talented). I still want Dexter to win for being the most entertaining, and not being nasty. Charlie second because all it took was 'Just one look' (Hollies), and Gina third for speaking her mind. I don't like either of the others (even though everyone seems to be trying to make it Sam).

    • JustSaying!

      Sam has shown such a lack of respect for everyone , He should be so ashamed of himself that we had to watch such a display of disgusting immature display of Ignorance. He is in "NO way" a role model .

    • The Man

      He is a role model > All lazy slobs want too be like him.

    • dfgdgr

      no one in the house is a role model for any1 i would like sam to win as he was the most bearable person in the house

    • Guest

      Maybe Sam should have stayed sleeping .................
      Sam's real side is pretty nasty ; Rude - Crude - Bully to name just a few .... A Real Winner in deed ...... Give me a break Please !
      How can you really back someone so offensive ,,,,,, He is not a role model for anyone but the Rude Crude Bullies of the world
      He treats no one with any respect what so ever Especially if you are female ....... He should be ashamed of himself !
      I feel so sorry for his mother....... sister's ...... grandmother's .....etc.

    • rob

      have you all for got Dexter got a final warning over sex comments can not believe you would condone this sort of behaviour its an insult to victims.

  • NiteHawk

    Lets Stick to the facts.
    There is no record of A Gina or Georgina Rio prior to dec 2012. there are no public records at all
    there are records of a georgina rio, living in islington (public records), cross referenced with info from google to prove it is the same person.
    The savoy have publicly stated she was never there.
    the photoshoots of her being surrounded by expesive shoes have been proved to be fake , the shoes are actually from a high street store.
    she has stated that she spends 600 a month at the hairdresser? i'm sorry but have you seen her hair? does that weave really look like £600 to you
    Not one of her "socialite" friends has spoen up for her.
    the daily star did a peice on her being fake in june
    she called hazel a home wrecker. it's also come to light that she had a fling with some footballer before entering the house , is that not as bad?
    she likes to play the race card and claim victim. she did this with jemima. all jemima said was that she wasn't attracted to black guys. that isn't racist
    she brought the fight to hazel.

    if you have doubts that she is not rich then google Georgina Reid , with in a few pages you will realize just how vile she is

    • JustSaying!

      Read all your claims NOT worth the read ........ my view anyway Just Saying !

    • NiteHawk

      don't remember making any claims. only stone cold facts

    • The Man

      If we're sticking to the facts the main one is she's a much better housemate than Sam the Sham and the Terrible Twins.

    • jennyjuniper


  • Jordan

    Gina's a female Walter Mitty (excuse spelling) whether you like Gina or not she is as fake as they come..

    And before y'all say, she's been entertaining and deserves the prize.
    WRONG - -

    Entertainment ISNT listening to someone spew filth in every which direction and be nasty to the other houseguests just to steal a li'll bit extra airtime

    Any class this gal had, she left behind on launch nite
    I don't give a rats patote who wins tonite just as long as it's NOT Gina

    • JustSaying!

      Dexter to win , He has earned it !

  • Jordan

    If Sam DOES win, surely that's a statement from the viewers to the people upstairs with suits and cigars that UKBB is well and truly finished as a spectacle.

    Think back...just about EVERYTHING that went down in the house was either, concocted, or manipulated by production, the houseguests where just puppets without strings

    BBOT's followed the party line by stirring up hate just to keep the show ticking over and keep a bad season turning into a complete failure.

    Ive not seen too many of your UKBB's but if this is an example of things that have gone before, then I don't think I've have missed much

  • Jacqui

    I am not bothering watching it tonight..

  • Janice Heggie

    if Sam wins its a sham he has done nothing to make him a winner except be crude about women and try to get Dexter to loose his temper but has not worked Callum told him to up his game so he tried againto get at Dexter that didnt work so he had a one to one with Gina saying he fancied her he had a bit to drink but he was making out he was drunker than he was bb is so trying to make him winner tried that last year didnt work or is that why they are making it look like that more votes more money could be there plan

    • The Man

      Janice you seem to have it spot on. It's a pity the producers have to stoop so low to try dirty tricks like this.

  • NothingButTheTruth

    People are really really naive if they are buying into Dexter. he has a girlfriend on the outside yet no one complains that he's been all over another woman. Sam deserves to win because he's the only one who is genuine. Dexter's been playing a game and his friend even admitted that on BBOTS. Yes it's a game but people should win for being themselves.

    • JustSaying!

      To " NothingButTheTruth" :
      Sam has shown such a lack of respect for women , He should be so ashamed of himself that this mother & his sister's & his grandmother's well all us women really , that we had to watch such a disgusting display of Ignorance
      And you are trying to push a vote for Sam ....... WTF
      Not to mention Sam Being one of the Biggest Bullies on the show this year

    • Guest

      Not to mention Being one of the Biggest Bullies on the show this year

    • Cascade

      Totally disagree. People should win because they have been entertaining. Therefore Dexter or Gina should win. Even the twins and Charlie have been more entertaining than Sam. If Sam wins , the next series should be called BBB - Boring Big Brother !!

    • The Man

      Dexter's been playing a game > err I was also under the impression that Big Brother was a game. That's the reason Dexter should come first and Sam come last. Dexter never slated anyone - Sam if and when awake very insulting and playing on his disability. Dexter to win > He deserves it.

  • kyle

    sam needs to win poor him he is deff