Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Mario Falcone wants Courtney Stodden out!

Courtney Stodden.

Courtney Stodden has been blasted by her fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates for being selfish.

As part of the shopping task this week, Doug (Courtney’s husband) was taken prisoner. With all the housemates gathered at the sofas, Doug appeared on the screen and made a plea for help, tied up in the small task room.

Big Brother then told Courtney that if she wants Doug to be freed, and to go and see him, she must hand over all her possessions, beauty products and her beloved bunny. She will be given dirty overalls to wear instead.

While Courtney did this yesterday, today she refused to wear the overalls provided and instead wore her own clothes, risking the shopping budget.

"I can't put it back on," Courtney told the other housemates.

"It's just an outfit," Dustin told her.

Mario complained: "She's such a selfish little ****, she really is so selfish. I hope she goes on Wednesday."

Lauren agreed: "She'll get evicted now. God almighty, she won't wear it. I'm going to call her a selfish cow."

Carol concluded: "She's unbelievable."

The task will air in tonight and tomorrow night's highlight shows on Channel 5.

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  • Sammy

    Am I the only one who noticed Courtney didn't kiss her husband? He kissed her, she watched herself in the mirror

    • Reality

      That is how she always is. As he hugs and kisses on her, she is always posing.

  • Victor D

    Hey Mario your luck I wasn't in there , 1st of all I would not of given MR. Big my food ...and I would of been like , hey if we don't do what he wants one of them would be gone ,,Good I would of did nothing Mr. big said ..Fuck them three ...Now Lauren is done with Courtney , REALLY !!! Lauren she is your only true friend my dear ....As for Mario I hate the man , has no back bone of his own .....

    • The Man

      One of these days Lauren is going to trip herself up > Oh! I forgot she did that last night (after throwing OJ over herself).