What happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room? Linda tells all to her housemates

Linda and Dappy in bedIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

Linda Nolan has told her housemates exactly what happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room after an argument with Jim Davidson yesterday.

Linda and Jim clashed last night with Jim bringing up an incident involving Linda's late husband Brian, who died from cancer in 2007.

In tonight's show, Linda is seen in the diary room crying and talking about Jim.

Linda says: “I don’t want him to apologise, I don’t need his apology, I just need him to keep away from me that’s all.

Later, Linda is talking to Lee about what happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room.

She explains: “25 years ago, money went, £25 went missing from Frank Carson’s dressing room and my Brian was accused.”

Linda added: “he went to court for it and he pleaded guilty cos papers were door stepping the family and he couldn’t put everyone through it and it nearly killed him.”

In the end, Linda and Jim's feud comes to a rather anti climatic end as the TV hosts apologises for his remarks.

Jim tells Linda: “Lin, I’m really really sorry about last night, it wasn’t meant to be like that I swear to god I’m sorry.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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  • John

    He's only sorry cos he's realised the public will see it as a despicable thing to say ..

    • Mellissa

      I don't see what was wrong with it.. Nothing he stole the money it's on camera hahah.. Linda's just a bitch

    • Laura Schofield

      If only Linda would stop taunting and poking and stalking him. She just won't leave him alone.

    • jennyjuniper

      That's true. Two wrongs don't make a right. Jim shouldn't have said it, but there's been no let up from Linda since day one. Also I don't know whether it's real deafness or selective hearing, but Linda seems to hear what she wants to hear. Mind you, Louisa is very good at that too.