Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2014's talent task? SPOILERS!

Sam Faiers (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

Itching to find out who won Celebrity Big Brother's Got Talent rip off yesterday?

On Saturday, hosted an evening of entertainment, giving some of the celebrities an opportunity to show off their individual talents to both their fellow housemates and us viewers.

One by one, Housemates stepped onto a stage in the Living Area to showcase their unique talents, competing against each other in front of a panel of experienced judges – head judge Jim Davidson, entertainment stalwart Linda Nolan, and outspoken entrepreneur Luisa Zissman.

All of the housemates were given props and time to prepare their act before they took to the stage.

Dappy performed an acoustic version of his hit single “No Regrets”

Liz gave a critique of all her Housemates’ fashion sense

Lee composed and performed an original song – “Ruled by the Moon” – all about his time in the house

Casey wrote and performed a monologue in character as “Racy Casey” all about the life of a glamour model

Ollie and Sam improvised a constructed reality scene, reacting to plot points and props provided by Big Brother

As head judge, Jim presented the winners Ollie and Sam with a special trophy for them to keep; and as Big Brother was so impressed with all housemates’ performances, they were treated to a party last night

Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother 2014 tonight for the latest highlights.

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  • Jordan

    Its the final week so look out for MORE airtime for Ollie and Sam, isn't that the usual scenario on CBB ??

    Float all the way to the finale and then make them look interesting just before the finishing line.

  • Sandra

    Totally agree with Jordon, have not seen much of either Ollie and Sam, bet CBB will start showing more, who would vote for these two there so dull!

  • John

    I agree with Jordan too and just to add to the charade expect bbbots to have a hand picked audience, ready to boo anyone other than Sam and Ollie who look like they might win ..

  • jennyjuniper

    I've just read on another site that Jim, Liz and Sam are up for eviction, but that Linda and Casey are saved. Surely these two used their 'saved' twist on Fridays eviction??

    • Jordan

      Hi Jenny, I was wondering too how they dodged the bullet but then I realised it was just a straightforward nomination with the houseguests calling the shots