Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Ill Sam Faiers leaves house for medical treatment

Sam Faiers (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

Sam Faiers has been taken out of the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house after falling ill.

The TOWIE star was rushed off the set in North London after an apparent allergic reaction saw her to feel sick and cause her face to swell up.

According to the always reliable Daily Star, symptoms also included "gunk pouring from her nose".

Let's hope you're done with breakfast as you read this...

A show source told the newspaper this morning: “The poor girl looked like something from a horror movie, like an alien.

“She is so used to looking sexy and glam that she was really shaken up, and so were the other housemates."

Sam was examined by a doctor but did not go to hospital, but was monitored until the reaction subsided and provided with anti-allergy medication.

On returning to the house, Sam told the group: "This has come from my nose and spread into my face. They’ve given me a dressing too.”

It's not the first time that Sam's had contact with the 'outside world' this year having now taken part in two interviews with OK! magazine from inside the house.

In her latest chat, Sam revealed she was beginning to miss things from home.

She told the publication: “I’m also missing some home comforts – like just being able to sit on my sofa and put the telly on.

“I’m not missing my phone, to be honest, not at all. I guess I just miss the freedom of being able to walk out the front door!”

A spokesperson for Channel 5 confirmed that it had been agreed that Sam could speak to the magazine during her stay before the show had started.

Sam is one of three housemates to face eviction this week after Sunday night's latest nominations.

Vote for which of the trio you want to stay in our latest eviction poll below...

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Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5 with the latest live show on Wednesday evening with Emma Willis.

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  • Sammy Smith

    What is the point of the show any more if they are giving interviews and having contact with people other than the housemates while they are in there? It defeats the whole purpose of BB. Fair enough, Sam was ill and needed medical attention, but to have given 2 interviews...!!! The show needs to go back to the way it was when it first aired all those years ago imo

  • Jordan

    Enter the Big Brother house and your Hidden away from the outside world and outside influence !? !? !?

    Well that sure is a thing of the past

  • jumbo

    get well soon sam

  • Ellen

    It was a spot. You could see it on her cheek. They let Rylan out when he was in there. BB decides who wins and probably rigs the votes.


    Awful BBOTS show on TUESDAY night with Adele Silva. What a sad woman she is slagging Jim Davidson off along with the other sycophants of Carol Mcgiffin.
    Its really sad when we have to have Ex soap actors rammed down our ***** who have never done anything for anyone unlike Jim Davidson who has helped the armed forces in Iraq or wherever for years without publicising it. Luiza is absolutely typical of the self centred self publicizing dross we have on TV.
    What happened to AJ ? That beautiful presenter. Personally Id like to see Ollie win as hes a credit to that genre of Luizza type wannabes and shows them how its gotta be done. And as for Jim , hes won being there. Showed his class i thought and class , engaging. He was part of an era on TV where things jokes were less subtle and offensive , less cute , and accepted by the BBC , and encouraged. And he clearly isnt homophobic or racist. He has zero PR. If you play back the tapes you will see a young Lionel Blair laughing until hes falling over watching Jims chalky impersonation. And half of the people we see on Tv over 50 did too.
    Loving the BBOTS with Ryan incidently. Shame the guests arent all that.

    • jennyjuniper

      Well said.

  • Will

    THIS ISNT TRUE! She was treated on site in the diary room and was not rushed to a hospital.

    • jumbo

      it doesnt say she went to hospital