Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Linda Nolan didn't really self-harm in the house

Linda Nolan (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

Linda Nolan has insisted she didn't self-harm in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house.

Following her eviction last week it had been reported that Linda had 'self-harmed' in the toilets in claims made by Liz Jones.

Linda herself told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper at the weekend: “I’ve self-harmed in the past and I did it in the house. I hadn’t done it since 2012.

“But that’s what Jim’s behaviour made me do. He made me feel the need to do it again.”

The 54-year-old told the tabloid that Jim bringing up her late husband in one of their numerous row left her depressed in the last week of the show.

“After Brian died I selfharmed for more than two years Back then I was very low and went through periods of feeling very suicidal,” she said. “The only reason I went back to that dark place was because Jim brought me there by bringing up what happened.”

But speaking earlier today, Linda clarified her remarks and the headlines about slashed wrists.

"In my depression I did self harm and I used to do that by biting my hand, ridiculous I know but when you're at your lowest," Linda explained. "So what I tend to do now is when I'm stressed I rub my hand until the skin gets raw."

"One paper said I slashed my wrists... no. As if I would still be in there, as if my family would keep me in there and as if I'd still want to be in there."

Celebrity Big Brother concludes tonight with the final on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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  • jacko

    Linda Nolan is one hell of a cow she now trying to say Jim made her cut her self when she was in the house they have all said she played with there feeling towards
    jim she so green eyed her sister was the same I hope she don't get any work on tv

    • teamlinda

      Well you're a nasty bastard, Jacko.

  • Sammy Smith

    I said at the time the story first came out that I didn't believe a word of it and I was right. And she's doing a Ryan and pretending she had nothing to do with the story in the papers. Course she did, it was a plan hatched by her and her PR people, betcha

  • bebe

    horrible woman she should be more upset at admitting she had sex with other men when her" beloved" husband was present than him getting caught stealing why dont those bloody nolans give up her sister coleen moaned for years about her marriage to shane ritchie and how he had done wrong to her pair of moaners

  • lorny42

    why have she got a vicious vendetta against him,he never brought up her husband either he said what happened in the dressing room,shes a vicious hag,who has got an obsession she needs to stfu

    • teamlinda

      He did bring up the subject of Linda's husband, you idiot. I fail to see why she's a "vicious hag" - she didn't get on with Davidson and didn't take any of his shit. She should not be berated because of it. The house needed the likes of Linda to make this series the success it was. She didn't hurt anyone - unlike Lee Ryan. I don't see anybody writing scathing articles about him. Get some perspective!

    • lorny42

      um excuse me everybody has been beratting linda and no he didnt actually he didnt say owt about her husband she brought it up so get over yourself love and yes lee has been attacked all over twitter and look above my comments there are other people attackin linda,dont see you having a go at them pathetic keyboard warrior

    • teamlinda

      You're right - I'm not gonna have a go at everyone. Even pathetic keyboard worriors have better things to do - sometimes. I just replied to your insightful comment because .... "A" it was incorrect and "B" you sound like a looser. Ok?

    • lorny42

      maybe you should first go back to school its loser not looser

    • teamlinda

      Oh no! You're so scathing. Please excuse my typing error. At least you don't deny you're a LOSER