Big Brother 2017 start date, cast, new twist and everything else about this summer's show

When does Big Brother start? Air date and cast rumours


From the potential start date to rumoured cast, here's all we know so far about Big Brother 2017 this summer.

The show will be back on Channel 5 later this year and already there's been plenty of talk bout what we could expect to see.

When does Big Brother 2017 start?

The Big Brother 2017 air date won't be officially confirmed for a while yet with the start date in the past anywhere between June and September.

However rumour has it we should expect the series back on TV in June time this year just like in 2016.

What's this year's big twist?


It's not quite clear what Big Brother have been planning for the new series but during auditions only pairs were allowed to apply.

Big Brother searched for only housemate duos - be they couples, friends or relatives - to audition for the new series.

How the pairs twist will actually work on the show remains to be seen...

Who's on the Big Brother 2017 cast?

A number of duos have been linked to the show already.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, one of the pairs who applied - and were invited to audition for producers - were the 'stars' of a benefits documentary Stephen and Michelle Beer.

A pair of Kim Kardashian look-a-like twin sisters have also been rumoured for Big Brother 2017. Blogger Janey Christina Farrell is eager to join the cast although her twin sister had to be bribed to even audition with her.

More rumoured housemates for this year's cast are singing twin sisters The Cheeky Girls. The pop duo - real names Gabriela and Monica Irimia - rose to fame after their iconic audition on ITV show Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002.

And they my not be the only singers with X Factor duo Bratavio also linked to the show.

The Sun newspaper also reports that Playboy model Carla Howe and fellow model twin sister Melissa Howe may sign up for the show.

It turns out that Carla has links to many past Celebrity Big Brother housemates, including Jamie O’Hara, Calum Best and Ray J.

A further pair linked to the Big Brother 2017 line up are pals Dean Salmon and Adam Parkinson.


Dean Salmon is sister to Love Island star Katie Salmon and has already appeared on a few TV shows, including E4’s Carjackers.

And more potential Big Brother contestants include the 'Peru Two drug mules' Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid. The pair were released from prison in South America in 2016 after spending three years in jail over claims of drug smuggling. Since then they have (somehow) become de facto Z-list celebrities and could end up in the BBUK house.

Big Brother will air on Channel 5 this summer.

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