Live feed will NOT return for Big Brother, Channel 5 insist

Channel 5

Despite numerous calls to reinstate live feed for Big Brother, Channel 5 insisted this week it would not be reversing its decision. Writing in response to complaints about the axe on the official Facebook page, Channel 5 said there were "no plans" to bring back the feed for the 'normal' edition of the show.

Celebrity Big Brother ends of September 8, with a new series involving members of the public kicking off just 24 hours later.

In a statement, Channel 5 commented: "It has been amazing to see so many of you are passionate and enthusiastic about the show. The feedback - positive and negative - has been passed on.

"And although a live feed has been carefully considered - there are currently no plans to bring it back on-air or online, for Celebrity or normal Big Brother."

They added: "If this changes we'll post it here first."

Channel 5 previously announced the feed was axed in favour of a focus on social media.


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  • carol

    well i shall continue to not watch! I was a true fan of the concept but without live feed i just dont see the point. I havent watched any of the series so far and until this decision is reversed i holds no interest for me. Very short sighted channel 5.

  • Jason

    u have truelly missed something here ch5. The whole live stream concept is what made bb what it was. Without it you have taken away from the many loyal bb fans in order to try and target a new audience! Complete and utter FAIL! Was happy bb was back but now I think you should have let it r.i.p

  • mark

    Without the live feed how can we get to know the housemates,huge error c5 completely ruined it already.
    A 1 hour show is all we get seriously?
    Who the hell makes these decisions,you spend all this money to grab the show,then seem to be doing everything to ruin it for the fans.
    I am total disbelief that c5 are against live feed.
    Watch them ratings c5 and tell me i am wrong,cause i am not.