Big Brother 2012 spoilers: Becky passes her secret task... Deana in tears!

Rebecca Hannon (Big Brother 2012)

Becky has passed her secret Big Brother 2012 task after Deana named her as her favourite housemate.

Becky entered the house on Friday night as a wild card housemate, voted in by the public.

And she was set her challenge right away, with Big Brother telling her if she didn’t become the favourite housemate of one of the others she would automatically be put up for eviction.

This afternoon, BB gathered the group and asked them to name their favourite housemate. They each had to write one name on a chalkboard before showing the rest of the group.

Chris named Shievonne as his favourite.

Benedict named Lydia as his favourite.

Arron named Conor as his favourite.

Luke A named Adam as his favourite.

Ashleigh named Conor as her favourite.

Adam named Lydia as his favourite.

Conor named Ashleigh as his favourite.

Lydia named Adam as her favourite.

Luke S named Shievonne as his favourite.

Scott named Caroline as his favourite

Sara named Adam as her favourite.

Caroline named Luke A as her favourite.

Shievonne named Adam as her favourite.

Lauren named Luke A as her favourite.

Becky named Deana as her favourite.

Deana named Becky as her favourite.

BB then revealed the task, and explained that Becky would be immune from this week’s eviction.

Deana however was upset, and the pair have yet to speak since the secret task concluded and was revealed to the group.

And former Miss India told the others she felt “foolish” and spent dinning sobbing to herself in the bedroom under a duvet.

Meanwhile Adam seemed pretty happy with himself after being named the most popular housemate of the group!

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