50 complain to Ofcom over Big Brother's Caroline "gorilla" jibe

Caroline (Big Brother 2012)

50 people have complained to Ofcom over Caroline's comments to fellow Big Brother housemate Adam.

The posh student branded Adam a "gorilla" after a task which saw him spinning her around on a roundabout.

Caroline moaned about the former LA gangster: “Adam is just an irritating, he’s not even funny. He snores like a family of dragons, it’s just rude. ”

Talking about her Sick n Mix task with Adam, Caroline told Scott: “I just don’t understand why he had to do it, f**king w**ker. He’s horrible.

“He’s just a ridiculous gorilla, bowl hair cut, no sanitation, he’s just disgusting. ”

Telly watchdog Ofcom has confirmed it has received 50 complaints over the jibe, despite Big Brother's formal warning to Caroline over the remarks.

It follows the more than 1,000 complaints made after Conor's outburst against Deana on Monday.

The show's executive producer said today: "There would be very serious consequences for Conor or for any housemate if they were to continue to use language that was unacceptable like that within the House.”

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  • sara

    On the show bit on the side there was no discussion on thursday about the comment that caroline had made. It was just brushed under the carpet it's ridiculous Caroline should have been kicked out of the house for what she said. The other housemate should be aware of her comments to.

  • Lisa Burton

    Caroline's rich 'Poppa' should send her a comb for that bush on her nut, and a private tutor to re-educate her on her language. A fishwife in disguise but without the manners.
    I watch the odd snippet of BB - but when her ugly mug appears I switch to 'wildlife'! Get the wretch out I say and what the backlash she will need security for sure.
    Wonder if her parents will greet her? Wonder if there will be lame excuses all round? Wonder why BB put her in the house in the first place. Nasty spoilt b***h.