Britain's Got Talent 2017 golden buzzer acts revealed

Britain's Got Talent golden buzzers 2017

BGT 2014 golden buzzer act

Here's a recap of the Britain's Got Talent golden buzzer acts of 2017 so far.

There will be a total of five golden buzzer acts on BGT 2017 with the contestants going straight through to the live shows.

So far only Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell's choice has been confirmed but here's all we know about the rest of them...


Simon Cowell: Sarah Ikumu

16-year-old student Sarah Ikumu won the first Golden Buzzer of the series from Simon and a standing ovation from the audience with her powerful rendition of 'And I Am Telling You'.

"It started off really well, I thought this girl's great, then it was like you became possessed halfway through," Simon reviewed. "It was quite incredible. You made it your song."

Amanda added: "I'm thrilled you got a Golden Buzzer, it was mindblowing."


Alesha Dixon: Just Us

Alesha Dixon's golden buzzer on BGT 2017 is dance group Just Us. They are from The Wirral, made up of best friends Alice (17), Poppy (14), Julia (15), Annie (17) and Rebecca (16).

Speaking to panel before their performance, Julia revealed she has Scoliosis and will soon undergo surgery which will leave her unable to dance.

Just Us performed to Rachel Platten's Fight Song. After the routine, a teary Alesha Dixon hit the golden buzzer and said: "I have so much admiration for you girls right now, I can't tell you. Seeing how you come together, when you're passionate about something I can't imagine not being able to ever do that again.

"I really couldn't and that's why we all live, for the things we love to do. It really touched me."


David Walliams: TBC

David Walliams has yet to use his golden buzzer on Britain's Got Talent.

However when he does, we may be in for a surprise, with Ant and Dec suggesting it wouldn't be another 'novelty' act.

"David's golden buzzer act this year is someone who had previously auditioned, and David had said at the time, ‘go away and rehearse, as I don't think you're ready.’" the Geordie duo explained.


Ant and Dec: TBC

Ant and Dec's 2017 Golden Buzzer choice has yet to be seen, and we could be waiting a while.

The guys waited to the last minute this year, saying: "We wanted something fun that captured our attention.

"We're so far from the buzzer compared to the judges, so we need to make a pretty quick decision.

"We were waiting and waiting for someone who was funny and really needed that break. Our Golden Buzzer act is great!"


Amanda Holden: TBC

Amanda Holden's golden buzzer act hasn't been confirmed just yet.

And she is keeping very quiet about who or what type of act it could be.

Amanda simply teased: "I keep trying to up the ante between us.

"I said to Simon that if one of our golden buzzers wins the final then we need a trip to the Maldives"


Who is your favourite for the golden buzzer acts so far? Tell us in the comments below!

All the golden buzzer acts will go through to the live semi-finals later this year.

For now, Britain's Got Talent auditions continue Saturday nights on ITV.

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