I'm A Celebrity 2012 line up: Who's in the jungle this year? Celebrities revealed?

I'm a Celebrity 2012

The I'm A Celebrity 2012 line up will be officially revealed soon, but we've put together a list of the latest Im A Celebrity rumours.

We've been busy collecting plenty of gossip on this year's I'm A Celebrity 2012 line up, and recon this list will prove to be the most likely faces entering the jungle this year.

As always, nothing is official, with the line up set to be unveiled by ITV early next week ahead of the new series launch on Sunday, November 11.

Who do you want to see in I'm A Celebrity? What do you think of this year's rumoured I'm A Celeb line up? Leave your comments below...

I'm A Celebrity 2012 line up?

Made In Chelsea star [tag]Hugo Taylor[/tag]

Former Corrie actress [tag]Helen Flanagan[/tag]

Darts champion [tag]Eric Bristow[/tag]

Birds of a Feather star [tag]Linda Robson[/tag]

Kate Middleton’s stripper cousin [tag]Katrina Darling[/tag]

Former Eastenders star [tag]Ricky Groves[/tag]

[tag]Trinny and Susannah[/tag]

TOWIE's [tag]Maria Fowler[/tag]

England cricketer [tag]Matthew Hoggard[/tag]

Tory MP Nadine Dorries

Pussycat Doll singer and dancer [tag]Ashley Roberts[/tag]

Boxer David Haye

Doctor Who actor Colin Baker

Ex-Eastender actress Charlie Brooks

Comic [tag]Brian Conley[/tag]

Browse pictures of the rumoured line up below...

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  • mark ratcliffe

    i would like to see myself in the jungle, just 2 see how the celebs and the general public take to a none-celeb being in there. its never happened before,but after 10 years of the show being on air, maybe the producers of the show could use the idea to put a new twist into the programme. there again, maybe they have thought about it, but dont want a member of joe public showing the celebs up !!


      Mark - PLENTY of non-celebs have appeared in IACGMOOH - this latest bunch is proof of that! I mean, have YOU heard of Katrina Darling? You can bet your life she's only there to - hopefully from the programmes point - dish the dirt on the Duchess of Cambridge (yes folks, that IS her title!) and to be eye candy! My husband came up with the idea of putting an ordinary member of pubic in the jungle years ago. But as you say yourself, the producers don't want their Z-listers being shown up!


    ITV's done it again - scraped the very bottom of the Z LISTER barrel and given us a whole host of NON-celebs. In fact, this time I think they've gone UNDER the barrel! I mean - who in the hell is KATRINA DARLING? There are a handful of people who can legitimately be called "celebrities" the rest are a bunch of bloody DROSS!

  • Mark Short

    Why is this called I'm a celebrity??? it should be callled "some of us are celebrities" Kate Middletons stripper cousin, Made in Chelsea, Towie and a bloody MP these are not celebrities.....................Brian Conley, I hope to god he's in it he is great!!