Will Let It Shine be back next year? Dannii Minogue is up for a second series

Let It Shine  - Generics

After last night's final could we see Let It Shine back next year? Dannii Minogue certainly hopes so.

Yesterday was the last live show of Gary Barlow's Let It Shine as the winners were crowned.

It was Five To Five who won the first ever series, securing a role in Gary's new stage musical based on the songs of Take That.

They beat Drive and Nightfall in the final and go into rehearsals this week for the show, which will open in Manchester in September.

While the final was less than 24 hours ago, Dannii is already hoping to return to the show next year.

Although she isn't quite sure what the prize would be second time around.

"This team is just so much fun to work with," Dannii told DigitalSpy. "I was travelling back and forth, because my son was in school, so I'm arriving on set, fully jet-lagged.

"But to still have so much fun with everyone is such a sign of the vibe and what it is."

The former X Factor judge continued: "I'd love to be a part of it again, I've just been very vocal that the end prize has got to be as good as this one.

"I know that audience-wise and press-wise, it's still fairly mysterious about what the actual show is. But I've been lucky enough to have the writer Tim Firth explain it to me, and it's brilliant.

"So if they find something that's gonna be as fantastic a prize, then I'd definitely love to be involved."

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