How much are Strictly Come Dancing celebrities paid? Fees revealed!

How much money do Strictly stars get? Strictly pay fees


The fees that Strictly Come Dancing celebrities are paid have reportedly been revealed.

And they're perhaps surprisingly low.

While some stars can pick up cheques for as much as £500,000 for a few weeks in I'm A Celebrity's camp or in Celebrity Big Brother's house, Strictly's contestants get much less for a LOT more work.

Unlike other shows where stars can negotiate their own fee, celebs on Strictly are all paid the same and their final payout depends on how far they get in the competition.

Strictly Come Dancing 2016 judges
Strictly Come Dancing 2016 judges

How much are the Strictly Come Dancing line up paid?

According to The Sun newspaper, each celebrity is given a standard £25,000 fee for signing up which rises to £40,000 at the end of October.

Those who make the Quarter Finals enjoy £60,000 which climbs to £75,000 if they last an extra week and get into the semi-finals. The Strictly winner will be paid £100,000.

Celebs can also make extra cash by signing up to the live tour, which takes place in the Spring the year after the series finishes.

While the money involved is still big bucks compared to your average yearly salary, it's not enough to entice some celebs to sign up.

Spice Girl singer Mel C previously complained that she had turned the show's "s**t" money down.

Chatting to the Daily Star newspaper in 2016, Mel C explained: “Strictly is really the only one of those shows that I would consider. I have had a meeting with them. They ask me every year to do it."

“The problem is if you do Strictly it’s so high profile and you’ll find yourself in the sidebar of shame every day.”

She added: “And the money’s s***!”

Meanwhile it's been claimed that Will Young had his standard fee of £25,000 cut to just £5,000 after quitting half way through the show last year.

Strictly Come Dancing will return for a brand new series on BBC One later this year.


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