The Voice UK 2014: James Byron was 'invited' to audition

James Byron (The Voice 2014)

The Voice contestant James Byron was invited to take part in the show, it has been revealed.

24-year-old James perplexed the judges at the weekend with his performance of Janis Joplin’s Cry Baby.

Before his performance, the performer admitted: “Tonight is so special for me. I will be judged on the way I sing rather than the way I look.”

The panel confessed afterwards they weren’t sure if it was a male or female singer (which was a good thing, according to to Sir Tom). was the only one to turn and confessed he did so wanting to add more girls to his team, but wasn't worried that he now had another guy on his line up.

However it's now been revealed that James had been invited to take part in the competition by talent scouts who saw him performing at a bar in Leicester.

A BBC spokeswoman insisted that the show was very open about how it recruited hopefuls to the show.

They told the Daily Star newspaper: “We are committed to finding the very best talent for The Voice and, like other talent shows we have scouts looking for the UK’s best singers.

“However, everyone goes through the same audition process and no one is fast-tracked to the Blind Auditions.”

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  • dan the man

    If it is true that James Byron was invited 2 take part on the Voice then he hs a unfair advantage in the Battle rounds

    • Anooooon

      Hate to tell you but almost every contestant on these shows are scouted, I know all the top 12 in the usa version of x factor were scouted with the exception of one of the Fifth Harmony girls. I mean really, their almost always scouted before hand.