The Voice UK 2013: Apply to audition now!

The Voice UK

The Voice UK may have only just ended, but auditions for the new series are already underway.

You've just got a month to make sure you're registered to audition for The Voice UK 2013, which will air next year.

Applications close on July 28, so be quick!

Once registered, you'll be invited to an open audition in October, with locations including London, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow.

If you make it through that, you'll face (the backs of) the coaches!

As well as that, talent scouts across the UK are searching for amazing singers to attend The Voice UK Open Auditions.

To Apply you need to be over 16 by the start of September, and have the right to live and work in the UK.

For more info and to download the forms, head over to bbcthevoiceuk

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  • Pete Langley

    On You Tube singing songs of Sinatra..........Iwuz robbed....

    • Tatevik Davtyan

      Hello my name Is Tatevik Davtyan I would to try me in God British Talent. I am Musician , Singer , Composer. I sand my form to God British Talent ., but I don"t know I was selected or not. Please write to me how it possible to know. With Regards

    • Aaron Evans

      You did that I liked it:-)

  • mark pinnock

    Ive just had the opportunity to sing with david julien today! Sadly it was at one of his best friends funeral. But not to be saddened that Mark who sadly died wanted the party to be a good one. so we did give him a mega send off. and god bless him he would have loved it too. R.I.P Mark and we all miss ya.

  • Kenzie Mack

    Hey, I am trying to apply and the orm will not recogniese my DOB..can you help?

    I have a screenshot of the page.


    • Kevin McStravock

      Hey Kenzie, what is it saying when you enter your DOB?

  • skevi

    hi im skevi and im 12years old , ive always wanted to go on britains got talent or the voice uk because my biggest dream is to be a singer acter and a dancer like sisi and rocky in shake it up but if i dont believe my dream then that will NEVER become what i want , i dont care if i go on that stage and they will say NO! at least i had the strength to go on that big stage and sing but u no what i believe in my dream and i no that 1day im gona be wat i want to be , but some times i think that my dream will NEVER come true i mean look at cher loyd she went on xfactor and now shes a famous singer well thats my dream and if people think that its very easy but its not it takes alot to be a singer.......and 1day thats wat i m going to be a singer dancer and a actress xoxo!

  • Montana lee

    Haay Everyone :) How do you apply for auditions for the voice in 2013 cause Everyone wants me to go on it cause i can sing i get told i can sing like christine algura and adel and i can do oprea Please add me on facebook :3 Montana lee

    Thankyou <3

  • carly schiavone

    hi can i still audition for The Voice 2013 i have missed the deadline for registration? i am desperate to enter and show my talent!! My name is Carly Schiavone and i am 17 years old i can sing any type of song i am desperate to let everyone hear me please!! Thankyou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luca

    i can sing but dont have the nuts to actually prove myself if any real producer anyone whos has belief in anyone theres alot of us hiding this only way i can get anyone to take notice hope none of mmy friends read this. if its ment to beil get a reply would rather post a recording but....

  • Aaron Evans

    I would love to be on the voice show because I know I have the talent.

  • Casha

    Are there still any spaces left would like to know?

  • Skye Brown

    hi is their any spaces left to apply for the voice? i would like to apply for my little sister as she has an AMAZING voice and she deserves the chance to live her dream and be happy!x

  • caroline

    HI my name is caroline Davies i am 19 years old and i want to do the voice because i have never done this before and i want to change my life around with this x

  • joshua garbett

    hi i my name is Joshua Garbett im 16 would like to audition for the voice

  • kaitlin

    if i just turned 15 in august can i still audition next year when im 16 in august?

  • Aura-fay olseen

    could you do the voice junior for the people under the age of 16 because there is alot of people in the uk under 16 that watch the voice and wish to be a contestant on the voice but they are not old enough to audition so i think it will be really great if you could make 'the voice junior'. thank you!.

  • Jimbob178

    YEAH! I think so to because it would be so cool :)

  • Lucy

    I think as well

  • chick

    Wht age can you join