X Factor 2012: Hayley Evetts makes Louis Walsh cry!

Hayley Evetts

Former Pop Idol star Hayley Evetts made Louis Walsh cry during her audition on The X Factor tonight.

The 36-year-old explained to Caroline Flack: "I auditioned for Pop Idol, 10 years ago this year, and I came 5th. People come up to me and say what are you doing now? And you kind of go, nothing!

"I really was going to give it all up, now I’m a bit older than I was then, and it’s kind of time to get a normal job and be sensible, but there is something in there! People say they are happiest being on stage, I love it, I thrive off an audience being there.

On stage and after giving her "last try", the judges were won over.

Tulisa gushed: "Hayley we hear stories like this all the time, of people who have been struggling in the industry for years and grafting, but I think you have what it takes to compete this year."

Gary added: "Hayley, talk about a comeback that was incredible, you absolutely killed it, well done.

And there was even some tears from Louis Walsh!

"Because you deserve it and I love the fact you came back, you’ve got me emotional" he said. "I want her to do well!"

"Aww Louis," reacted Tulisa. "Don’t cry Louis!"

Louis added: "But it’s never too late Hayley and that’s why, that’s what this is all about, coming back fighting, you know, I really loved it."

Off stage and Caroline told Hayley: "The audience loved you, the judges loved you and you made Louis Walsh cry and he doesn’t cry very easily!"

Xtra Factor continues tomorrow night at 9PM tomorrow night on ITV2.

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  • Kara Steel

    OMG! Cant get Hayley Evetts audition out my head, hairs on the back of my neck or what? To the people who have posted comments saying the audition was nothing special I have to wonder if they seen the same audition I seen? Best by far, nothing near it in terms of pitch, tone and sheer talent. Hayley if you read this post I am in awe of your talent, you owned that song, Whitney Who? Howvever some constructive points here, your voice is so faultless that you need to be very careful with song choice, unless you pick edgy songs with scope to show your vocal talents off you will risk sounding so flawless that any edge will be lost. I would love to hear your interpretation of some Noisettes hits, Winehouses Tears Dry on their Own or Keys A Womans Worth x Good Luck Hayley xxx