X Factor 2012 criticised for 'misleading editing' during auditions


The X Factor 2012 has been criticised for misleading editing during this year's audition shows.

It follows complaints after last weekend's show, which saw hopeful Daizy being apparently rejected by the judges for her nerves.

Tulisa was seen telling her: “I think at points in the song you let the nerves get the better of you.

“I think you just need to sort out your confidence.”

But it's been revealed that Daizy had actually wowed the judges, and sailed through to bootcamp.

“For ­anyone watching it looked like Daizy had completely mucked up and went home disappointed," a source told the Daily Star Sunday today. “They had no idea that she ­actually stunned the crowd and the judges.

“When she finished singing she got massive applause and the ­judges told her they loved it.

“All four of them put her through to boot camp. So what people saw on TV was completely misleading. There could be lots of other singers who’ve had amazing responses but appeared to flop on the show.

“This is proof that what viewers see is quite different from what actually happens.”

The newspaper also reports that Daizy had auditioned for London in front of guest judge Rita, despite being shown in a string of clips from the Liverpool auditions, with Rita edited out.

The source added: “Anyone who was at Daizy’s audition will have been pretty surprised when she popped up in the middle of a string of Liverpool auditions.

“And Rita was nowhere to be seen. All the positive ­comments were left on the cutting room floor as well.”

An X Factor spokesman commented: “On this occasion the ­montage was showing acts who had nerves on stage, so the clip is a fair ­reflection of what ­happened on the day. We do not have the time to show every act’s audition in its entirety.

“A montage often features clips of acts from different ­auditions without showing all of the judges or whether they get a yes or a no from them.”

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  • Nicola McLaughlin

    Think editing this year has been terrible. Was much better when it was a full show of a different loacation each year, i.e this week Glasgow. Also at end of show they show clips of 'coming next week' but you never see them on???

  • Notaxio Forbarlowski

    Good article but this is how the show works. They don't want good singers they want people they can market for maximum revenue such as 1D & Cher Lloyd. Acts who will do what they are told, sing the songs they are given without a fuss and play the image that is set out for them.
    No doubt Daizy was edited to look worse than she actually was so that the audience aren't shocked when she doesn't make Judges' Houses.
    The whole show is a con. The contestants are told to sing certain songs to "enhance their chances" of getting to the live shows. eg the girl who sang Pink.
    Kitty Brucknell has said she was told to jump in the pool and act crazy if she wanted to get to the lives.
    The thing gets a lot worse when they get to the live shows because the show has to ensure the public votes in the correct way to ensure the result the show wants. How do they do this? Well, they usually need a shift of about 5% to ensure an act falls into the bottom two, then the judges can vote the act off.
    Some examples from last year: Sophie Habibis - Start of with VT with her friend saying how everyone is supporting her as they walk into an empty pub except for two disinterested old men. Follow wiith a dull song with Sophie stuck at the back of the stage with no props, the lights dimmed so much that we can hardly see her and no close ups so she can't connect with the tv audience. Cue louis' script of "You're not really connecting with the audience. There's something missing." Result: Sophie drops into bottom two and is sent home.

    Craig Colton - Craigs big storyline is his diet so cue VT of Craig sneakily snacking just as Funsponge Barlow walks into the house. Move to Craig talking about his hometown of Kirby ie He's no longer from Liverpool population 800,000 but from a town of 40,000 (note that Marcus has a big Liverbird VT the same week). We also see craig standing in a puffer jacket.
    Craig sings a bland song in a bland suit in the middle of an empty stage and is called bland by the judges. Also note that Craig mentions afterwards that he was due to go on third but was told he would be on first (the death slot: as viewers forget you by the end of the show) just before the show started. As soon as he finishes singing Dernot interviews David Walliams (obviously he has no connections to the Syco brand) who tells us all how great Little Fix are. Craig falls into bottom two and is voted off.

    Janet Devlin - Now Janet's a bit different as the show only needs one or two weeks to get rid of most contestants, with Janet it was 6 weeks of pure hate. In fact I was surprised this wasn't investigated by the regulators it was so obvious.
    It basically went something like this. Between her audition and week 2 Janet was "voice of an angel", "a ready made recording artist" "the one to beat". She was also miles ahead in the voting 24% compared to 11% for The Risk in second and Little Fix some way further down. Janet then says the immortal words "I'm here for the music...I'm not going to change myself and be someone I'm not just to get votes." Cue Louis - "Janet's a bit boring" VT "We're talking abiut Frankie & Kitty not you" (ie because you're a bit boring) Judges' comments "that wasn't rocky" (ie it was dull & boring). This goes on for the next few weeks with song structure being altered minutes before Janet is due to go on stage, every comment starting with a negative to show Janet in a bad light, only showing Janet looking miserable in VTs (considering she smiled all through her audition it couldn't have been difficult to show some positive stuff from the 70+ hours they recorded each week). Instead we here how Janet doesn't like pop, she doesn't like Christmas (apparently to the extent that she can make herself turn black and white when turning on the Christmas lights) she even manages to turn b&w in the image as they call out her name pre-song and stretch the pixles in her face to look a bit witch-like.
    Each week the judges reacted as if Janet had just scrapped through and would be out the following week, yet we now know she was topping the votes by a clear margin despite being given duds to work with while Marcus was given a backing choir, Little Fix had a platform and fireworks and Ameila had a free pass to the latter stages of the competition.
    Compare Janet feeling sick during Mmmbop and saying "It was stop or through up on stage" to when Little Fix messed up so badly the following week. They ignore that Janet said she was ill and Louis says "You forgot the words" This becomes a mantra repeated over and over to go alongside the "She's boring" mantra the show has been feeding the public for 6 weeks like some overblown subliminal message. Every reminder clip shows Janet "forgetting" the words in the show, Xtrafactor and the results show. They even have one of the production team phone up on Xtrafactor and say "wouldn't it be terrible if Janet got through and one of the other acts went out"
    Compare this to when Little Fix forgot the words. Louis "there was something missing". The judges go on to have a fake distraction argument and never mention the forgotten words again. They even move Little Fix to the final "pimp" slot for their second song gush over how brilliant their average performance was.
    The next big girl band, what this country needs. Tulisa: "If my muffins go out it's your fault"
    Compare to Louis saying about Janet : "Ireland has ALREADY picked up the phone." ie Not you England, Scotland or Wales. Southern Ireland can't vote and NI have already apparently voted even though the lines haven't even opened yet.
    Janet finishes second bottom and is voted out. If you watch Louis in the bottom of the screen in the results show you can actually see him jump for joy when he is fed the info that Janet has fallen into the bottom two.
    Additionally, when Janet asked to have imput into her song choices and clothes she was called "difficult" and "awkward". When Little Fix wanted input they were described as "empowering"
    Misha - make up a bullying storyline. Deny it happened but keep mentioning it. The public believe she's a bully and she finishes bottom of the votes every week except when they have the big weepy storyline about her mother.
    Amelia - The fake HMV release Amelia's winner's single made people think they were fixing it for her to win. Also helping to shift votes to Little Fix.
    They open the votes and she has to sing alongside the 4-piece. The camera focuses on the girlband makes Amelia look out of her depth. Ameila voted out.
    Marcus - Marcus was never a contender. Somehow they managed to push him through without coming top or in the bottom two. They open the voting and he walks out alongside the girls. He is out-sung as they have to sing a high pitched song and the camera angles make him look awkward while the girls stand centre stage. Added to this, for the song chosen from the previous weeks Little Fix sing the song that put them top of the votes while Marcus is given the song that gave him his worst position in the lives.
    Result Little Fix win and people paid lots of money with phone votes for a predestined conclusion.
    Can't see what they get up to this year.

    • Clare Campbell

      Couldnt have put that better myself.

    • Beth H

      Shocking, isn't it?

    • Pauline

      Well said Notaxio. Cruel, despicable, tacky show., Uncomfortable viewing last year. Don't watch it anymore.