The X Factor 2012: Audition Show 7 recap

Robbie Hance (X Factor 2012)

It was the final X Factor 2012 auditions tonight, and there was plenty of talent on display as the final acts went through to bootcamp.

In the groups category Rough Copy[tag] and Triple J both won over the judges to get four yeses from the panel.

Take That’s Gary Barlow told Rough Copy: ” Guys you were born to be on the stage. And I think you are going to be an absolute nightmare to mentor.”

While Tulisa raved: “Guys, thank you. You have made my day. You come up there and you are entertainers. I thought it was a brilliant audition.”

But while teenager [tag]George Shelley[tag] impresses the panel with his soft voice, 25-year-old housewife Danielle ended up arguing with the judges over song choices!

After getting rejected following a performance of Jessie J, Danielle raged: “F*** off these are jokes, this X Factor is jokes.

“Get this f**king thing off me because I am fuming! I swear down, that, none of that best get shown on telly, none of this, what are you filming me for, stop filming me now, I will never come to X Factor again, never, I’m going on The Voice next time.”

Homeless performer [tag]Robbie Hance then wowed with Coconut Skins by Damien Rice at the try outs in London.

“Robbie, I am really glad that you came today,” Tulisa told him. “You look like someone that has been lost for a while and you lost confidence in your skill and I think you need to realise the potential you have and how good you are.”

The final act of the night was Carolynne Poole, who returned after being rejected at judges’ houses last year.

Louis raved: “Carolynne, you’re looking better and your sounding better, I think you have got your confidence back. I loved the audition.”

Tulisa added: “Whatever Louis thought was missing, I think this year, you’ve got it. I feel like I know you more in the how many minutes you have been up there than the whole time you were in the competition before, it’s just like a complete new you and I love it.”

Even guest judge Mel B was won over: “I know you have been through a lot and you have got a lot of pain and hurt, every word you made mean something and that is very endearing to see in a performer and your voice tops it off, it’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Whatever you are going through, use it and make it work for you.”

Finally, Gary added: “Carolynne you have an amazing voice, you have an amazing look, I think the overs category is going to be incredible, and I think you are the dark horse of the competition right now, I really do.”

The X Factor 2012 continues next weekend on ITV1 with bootcamp!

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