X Factor 2012: James Arthur accused of copying Sexy And I Know It cover

James Arthur (X Factor 2012)

James Arthur has been accused of copying his X Factor performance of Sexy And I Know it from YouTube star Noah.

James wowed the judges on Saturday night with his take on the LMFAO or, as Louis put it, LMFO, track for club classics week.

Gary Barlow said: "You turned that song on it’s head. It’s a silly dance song but you gave those lyrics meaning tonight."

And he gushed: "This wasn’t the performance of the night, it was the performance of the series so far."

Louis Walsh added: "James Arthur, what a brilliant interpretation. You are a real professional, you had a tough week but when you get on that stage you own it."

But some viewers recognised the cover from YouTube singer Noah, who uploaded a very similar version back in May, and has gone on to achieve over 13 million views of the performance.

One angry fan wrote: "All work is done by Noah and James gets the fame! This makes me feel sick in my stomach!"

Interestingly, it's not the first time that an X Factor act has been accused of copying the song.

It was claimed earlier this year that X Factor USA star Cece pinched her judges' houses performance from Noah too.

The youngster was singing the LMFAO song for Demi Lavato on the US show earlier this month.

Listen to Noah and James' performances below and tell us what you think, who do you prefer?

The X Factor 2012 continues this Saturday night with a spooky Halloween themed episode as the remaining ten contestants perform live once again.

The latest results show follows on Sunday when one more act will be given the boot.

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  • Em Y

    Love it !!! good for him !!! If Noah is sooo good why is he stuck on you tube ?? At the end of the day Noah didnt write the song !! did he !! and calm down everyone , its the x factor !!! theres children dying in the world !!!!

    • Rufus

      Stuck on youtube? He's good enough not to have to sell out and get famous by going onto these kinds of shows. He's got no need to have to go on this kind of crap. Seriously, look him up and judge for yourself before you comment ;)

    • AI

      Noah actually has a career. He didn't have to enter some manufactured, contrived talent show in order to get noticed. Educate yourself.

    • Taze B

      That's not the point. Noah's rendition of the song was his own, and as such he deserves some credit. Simply being on YouTube does not make him any less of an artist. I agree that there are more serious issues, but in the end what happened here is plagiarism, so audience anger is understandable.

    • james dewitt

      Copying Noah is fine just as copying LMFAO is fine. But LMFAO were credited, the implication was that this was James' arrangement it isn't it's clearly Noah's.

  • Christine D./Costa Rica

    James didn´t copy 1:1. He made it his own and sounds so much different, and in my opinion much better than Noah. I think they just got some inspiration from each other. That´s not a crime when you are an artist, unless you copyright your version.

  • cvokes

    that is rahter uncanny how simular they are to not be copied................BBBUUUUUUUUUUTTT I still love james and hope he wins so i can buy his single and then album ASAP!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaxMilhome Maxwell Milhome

    I knew it! I realized as soon as I heard.