X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney will get dropped even if he wins

Christopher Maloney (X Factor 2012)

X Factor hopeful Christopher Maloney will be apparently be dropped by Simon Cowell even if he manages to win the show.

The Daily Star Sunday claim that Syco bosses plan to give Chris just three months to sell records if he tops the poll in next month's final.

An industry insider told the tabloid: “Simon doesn’t think he fits in with Syco’s current image.

"He’s found a loophole in the contract which means he can dump Chris within weeks, even if he wins."

The source explained: “They’ll shift him to an in-house sister label, possibly Epic, and then drop him for good after 12 months.

“Simon has his eye on the more bankable acts – James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas. Syco has never signed three acts from a series before, so losing Chris quickly is the best option.”

Apparent leaked X Factor voting figures this morning put Chris on top of the polls with the public votes for the past seven weeks.

An X Factor insider told the Daily Star Sunday today: “Traditionally it’s been said acts who do well early on lose momentum in later rounds but Chris shows no sign of that.

“It’s not certain he’ll win but other acts must raise their game and get fans voting – and fast – if they want to upset him. It’s looking really good for him.”

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The X Factor 2012 continues tonight on ITV1 and ITV1HD with Sunday's results show, one more act get the axe, and there will be performances from Rhianna and Bruno Mars.

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  • dan

    Just like Steve Brookstein

  • Daniel Morgan

    sick simon cowell isnt fit to wipe the dog mess off his shoes after that

  • LD

    The most boring act always wins.

  • ryan redmond

    after little mix,no winner was ever going to seem fantastic ,and after mk1,lucy and rylan went theres no one good left anyway,i hate chris's voice,attitude and style of entertainment,union j copy one direction,jahmene is too quiet and just uninteresting when talking nevermind singing and james arthur looks constipated when he attempts to sing but doesnt ever succeed in singing and instead just makes straining noises while pulling at his shirt so whoever wins doesnt deserve a contact however the point of the show is to give someone a career,not make people spend money to make someone win just to sack them, if he sacs chris xfactor will lose millions of viewers even thos who hate him as all credebility will be gone......whatevers left

  • billbo

    so greedy cowell every one is in it to win give the lad a chance james arthur looks a nice lad but i think he would collapse if he did a hour and half concert straining himself the way he does

  • chris

    i think simon is suspicious about the voting patterns for chris but cant proove anything. hopefuuly if any illegal activity has occured his title will be stripped later on.