XFactor 2012 final: Dermot O'Leary's not sure of Chris Maloney's "talent"

Dermot O'Leary (X Factor 2012)

X Factor host Dermot O'Leary has admitted he's skeptical of Christopher Maloney's talent.

The hunky telly presenter confessed he wouldn't be queuing up to buy Chris' album or tickets to see his live show if he won the show this weekend.

Speaking to The Sun's TV magazine, Dermot said: “Just to watch the likes of Jahmene, James and Ella going from A to B with their extraordinary talent and seeing this incredible butterfly emerge... I’d pay to see those three.

“This year’s talent has been brilliant. When last year’s winners Little Mix performed this year, I actually felt guilty as I’d been banging on so much about the talent this time round.”

However Dermot did recently defend Dermot from the hate he's been getting from some viewers.

He said: “People have voted for him, so he deserves to have got this far."

Meanwhile, Dermot backed newbie judge Nicole Scherzinger to return to the show next year.

He told the publication: “Everyone has been over the moon with Nicole; she’s a breath of fresh air. She’s bonded with everyone, been entertaining and done her own thing.

“I can big it up with Louis Walsh all day long – I could never make the show without him. There’s a bit of a bromance between me and Gary, and I’ll sometimes have a quick drink in Tulisa’s dressing room if I can see through the fog in there.”

Read the full interview in today's TV Magazine, free with The Sun.

The X Factor 2012 continues tonight with the live final in Manchester.

Chris Maloney, Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur will be battling it out to be crowned winner, while there will be performances from One Direction, Kelly Clarkson, Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue, Rhianna and Emeli Sande.

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  • Emily

    i think its so unfair on chris lots of people hate him,
    i love him who ever agress sent a comment. go on chris!

    • fedup

      I agree with you Emily, the judges have been unfair to him and of course we seem to have a 'mob' mentality so they have jumped on the bandwagon. I wonder if the likes of tulisa, louis and nicole can really feel good about what has happened here.

      There is no excuse when you dole out treatment like this to any human being. even if you think that it would be advantageous to you. Noticed that I have not used capital letters for the name of these people, because I do not have any respect for them base on the way they have set the majority of people against Christopher. How can you hate someone that you have never met. They probably do not realised that careless comments can destroy someones life. If Christopher was ever bullied at school, this experience will surely bring back bad memories. I feel really sorry for him. I trust that he can put it all behind him and carry on with his life and not get bitter or react to anymore negative comments. He can sing, and I am sure that there are people who would support him. Just one more thing, I only saw a bit of the sing off between James and Ella, did you see nicole's face when James was singing? He sang so badly. Watch nocole's face, it makes you wonder how he won the show

  • mike hh

    What is Dermot o Learys talent,its the same old week after week.