XFactor 2013: Melanie McCabe won't be back for a fifth year!


X Factor hopeful Melanie McCabe has declared she won't be back again if she gets a no.

This is Mel's fourth attempt on the ITV series, and has once again made it through to bootcap.

Tonight we'll see if Melanie makes it through to judges' houses, performing Katy Perry hit The One That Got Away.

"In your past performances I didn't know if I had you or if I felt it," Nicole admits, "But you had me on this one."

"Wow, you had me from the first note," Gary Barlow adds. "and under all the pressure you have, being backstage and watching these seats full up."

But it remains to be seen whether or not it's enough to earn a seat and a spot in the next round.

Melanie told The Sun newspaper this morning: “It could be the last song I sing on TV. It’s my fourth time in X Factor. If I don’t get through I won’t do it, or another talent show again.

“I wasn’t even sure about doing it this year, Most famous singers haven’t done them so I suppose the next step would be to do it the way other singers do.”

The X Factor 2013 airs tonight at 8:20PM on ITV.

Browse pictures of this evening's show below...

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  • Grumpy

    After watching Xfactor from it's early beginning as (Pop Idol) and seeing all the changes
    of Tv format, the selection process, and boot camps through to sing off and the final.
    I do believe that this years so far is literally the worst I have ever seen and so far as
    not stimulated my interest one little bit.
    The initial selection process did not come across very well on Tv, neither has the boot
    camp so far, I defy anyone to try and make head no tail of judges decisions.
    I do believe that the program as had it's day, and Syco productions and Tv bosses should seriously think about either giving the program a very serious revamp, or consider dropping it completely.
    If anyone is still watching it by the time it comes to the telephone voting, I would suggest that they show their disapproval by not making the call, therefore saving themselves
    some money, and showing Tv bosses that if they are to transmit programmes atleast
    make them entertaining.