Tonight's X Factor 2013 songs: Week 1 song list - 80s week songs!

Abi Alton (X Factor 2013)

The first X Factor 2013 song spoilers are here, so who's singing what on tonight's show?

Saturday night's first X Factor live show will be an 80s special, with the final 12 all singing hit songs from the period.

The judges will each give their comments, but it'll be the public alone who decides which two hopefuls face elimination on Sunday night's results show.

A new flash vote format will see one act voted into the bottom two on Saturday night itself, while they'll be joined by another singer on Sunday before the pair sing off to stay in the competition.

Here's Saturday night's first X Factor song list!

X Factor 2013 songlist - Week 1

Please note: Not in performance order

Abi Alton – Livin’ On A Prayer

Sam Bailey – Power of Love

Hannah Barrett – What’s Love Got To Do With It

Sam Callahan – Summer of ‘69

Tamera Foster – Ain’t Nobody

Luke Friend – Every Breath You Take

Kingsland Road – I’m Your Man

Nicholas McDonald – True

Miss Dynamix – Jump

Rough Copy - In The Air Tonight

Lorna Simpson – So Emotional

Shelley Smith - Alone

What do you make of the song choices? Add your comments below!

The X Factor starts at 8PM on Saturday night with the first results show on Sunday evening, featuring performances from Cher and Ellie Goudling.

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  • rebecca

    what the, Abi, livin on a prayer ??? Even though I like her how can she handle a rock song ???

    • Young Tan

      She'll do the same to it that she does to every other song. Sit at the piano and "croon" it like a ballad.

  • Kathy

    Abi will ruin Livin' on a Prayer, and Shelley's song is extremely overused, so she will be in the bottom I guess.

  • Dave

    Nicholas n Sam my favorite 2 lookin forward to ther performances

  • Lord Simon Cowell

    Abi will hardly ruin Livin' On a Prayer if the beautiful, talented, smart, sensitive, shamazing, experienced, reigning champion Nicole Scherzy is her mentor. Nicole has said she loves quirky Brits, especially after James Arthur, and look how she licensed James Arthur to make songs his own and "successfully", covering songs such as Sexy & I Know It, Adele's Hometown Glory, Let's Get It On, Tulisa's Young etc. Interested to see what Abi does with it, I know it'll be great. I like Abi as much as I liked Janet Devlin, if only Nicole had been Janet's mentor *sigh*.
    Sam Bailey taking on the Power of Love: Great song choice for a great voice. I'm really pleased because all the judges are working extra-hard this year, unlike last year with Tulisa, because the talent's so high and Sharon really does want to win this time.
    Hannah Barrett: What's Love Got To Do With It, Tina Turner song, ohhh I can already hear Hannah singing for her life and adding those powerful feminine growls.
    Sam Callahan: Summer of '69, perfect song choice. Perfectly suited to him.
    Tamera Foster: Ain't Nobody, fantastic! Tamera's an amazing vocalist. She should give the competition a run for their money on this one.
    Looking down the list, there all fantastic song choices. Miss Dynamix and Rough Copy will be really good. Lorna and Shelley will smash it but I am left feeling unsure who will go home on Sunday, because it looks like they're all going to great (all the Boys & maybe 1 Group: Kingsland maybe) or amazing (all the Girls, Overs and 2 of the Groups: Miss Dynamix and Rough Copy).
    I fear Lorna could be the one with the lowest amount of votes as she is the most anonymous out of the Final 12, despite being a brilliant vocalist, and also headlines haven't been nice to her of late.

  • michaela

    Abi song choice no sams song choice no and the new girl group a mother no

  • Young Tan

    As much as I love Lorna has a vocalist, she is turning into a Whitney Houston tribute act/impersonator - she's now sung FOUR Whitney songs up to now and now she's singing a 5th? Please, just stop!

  • shelly d

    just love rough copy i think they are the next best ever boy band and also i think tamera foster was very good ???

  • Honesty

    1980's and no Duran Duran?
    What a load of fucking shit.