The X Factor 2013: Louis Walsh thinks Sam Callahan should ditch music

Sam Callahan (X Factor 2013)

The X Factor 2013 contestant Sam Callahan has been advised to give up his dream of a music career - by his own mentor Louis Walsh!

The 19-year-old has divided opinion among both the public and the judges, earning more praise for his looks and staging than his vocal ability.

His biggest critic, panellist Gary Barlow, became so bored of Sam's performances during the latest live show on Saturday that he claimed he couldn't offer any constructive criticism.

And now Sam has told The Sun that Louis - who, in an unusual twist of fate, is the only judge with all three of their acts still in the competition - reckons that he'd be better off trying to make it as a TV presenter.

Sam said: "Louis brings so much knowledge and experience. He was saying I should try TV presenting. I’d love to do The Xtra Factor, it fits with my personality."

However, he quickly added: "My music will always come first. I don’t care what haters say, I care what family, friends and supporters say."

The X Factor continues this weekend on ITV, when the remaining seven contestants will tackle songs from 'The Great British Songbook'.

Guest performances come courtesy of Barlow - who'll take to the stage to perform his brand new solo single 'Let Me Go' - and controversial megastar Miley Cyrus.

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  • Margy

    I do not think very highly of Louis after choosing to put Sam through as one of his final three, if I was Sam I would not have any faith in Louis as a mentor. DISGRACEFUL!! Good Luck Sam you are still there.

  • gabby evans

    hes useless but this is louis fault if he had put through paul in the firs tplace we wouldnt even be discussing this

  • dan

    Not surprised at all the guy cant sing Louis finally knows that thank god Team Barlow all the way

  • sam

    how could u louis u f*****ing bastard sam has a good voice i think louis is a rubbish mentor he should be encouraging him nt tlling him to give up

  • SHazeF

    "earning more praise for his looks and staging than his vocal ability"...I've not noticed ANY praise for his staging on Twitter or the blogs, of course his fans would disagree but they should know that the rest of us hate them for keeping him in, and I'm pretty sure their parents will when they get the phone bill next month, too.