XFactor 2013 results: Tamera Foster "gutted" to miss out on semi-final


Tamera Foster has admitted she's gutted to have been voted out of The X Factor 2013 tonight.

The 16-year-old was eliminated in this weekend's X Factor 2013 results after Saturday's Jukebox themed performances.

It was Tamera's second time in the bottom two, in the sing-off alongside Luke Friend with the judges sending the decision to deadlock.

Speaking to host Dermot O'Leary after her exit, Tamera said: “I just want to say thank you so much for this opportunity and I have had the most amazing time, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Just thank you.”

Her mentor Nicole Scherzinger, who now has no acts left in her category, added: “Gary said it last night, look ahead five years into the future, she is going to be the most successful artist to come out of this show.”

Later on the Xtra Factor, Tamera continued: “I am pretty gutted that I have to leave now and didn't make the semi final but I loved every minute of it. I am so grateful that I got this experience.”

She added: “Nicole is the most amazing mentor ever. She is so cool, so down to earth and I just love her so much!”

The X Factor 2013 live shows continue next Saturday and Sunday with the semi-final.

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  • Jordan

    If Tamera sang her songs instead of hollering them out with ear damaging decibels that only dogs could hear I may have enjoyed her performances,,

    to me singing is singing and hollering a song out as loud as y'all can is just shouting

    • Chris Attwood

      ooo so when she forgot her words and went quiet she actually hadn't forgotten her words, she was singing but we couldn't hear it because we're not dogs. I have a husky, her ears are pointy and move to pinpoint sounds, her ears were moving alot at times

    • Nick1991

      Tamera is such a Diva bitch , she even worse then Beyonce.

    • siennarichards

      Your such a jealous Bitch, give tamera a break.
      She is 16 years old and all the hate she is getting from fucked up people like you is horrible.

    • Jordan

      I aint gonna say Tamera hasn't got talent because she clearly has, It's voice control she hasn't got

      Maturity, guidance, and a lot of inner growth may make her a better singer AND a better person

    • Nick1991

      No @c36a44f97fc8fc405f9120caa0eea7a6:disqus i am not a hater because i know from strictly come dancing I Love Abbey&Aljaz please watch them saturday at 7.15 and VOTE for Abbey