X Factor 2013: Luke Friend admits he'd prefer Sharon Osbourne as a mentor

Louis Walsh (X Factor 2013)

Luke Friend has confessed he'd prefer to have Sharon Osbourne mentoring him on The X Factor 2013.

It follows Luke admitting to being upset after Louis Walsh admitted he expected Nicholas McDonald to do the better out of his two remaining acts.

Speaking to Star magazine this week, Luke said if he had the choice he would love to be mentored by Sharon Osbourne.

However, Luke insisted: "I have got along really well with Louis and I'm glad he's my mentor - and he's said we've been a dream for him to work with, which is nice.

"But if I was going to chose, I'd chose Sharon."

Luke explained: "She's just like my mum. I get on really well with Sharon. I love her to bits."

Meanwhile, Luke said he reckoned he could still win the show in this month's final despite being in the bottom two twice now.

"I think I've as good a chance as anyone," he said. "I wouldn't have said that when there were twelve people here, but as it gets less and less...."

Luke added: "It's strange because we're still really close, but there is that element of 'I want to beat you!"

This weekend on The X Factor the remaining four acts will be performing two songs again in the semi-final, with a special Elton John v Beyonce theme.

And on Sunday, former X Factor champ Leona Lewis and X Factor favourite Michael Buble will be on stage performing.

Browse pictures backstage on the XFactor from the weekend below...

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  • ella

    lukes defo gonna winn im gnna vote for him at least 50 times and why would louis choose between his boys he is supposed to be there mentor he cnt jus choose a favourite LUKE TO WINN!! <3 xxxx

  • amy

    agree with Ella LUKE is going to win I was Luke to be first, Nicolas to be second, and Sam to be third love you luke xoxx

  • hanna

    Luke got a good chance to win i started crying when he sang that last week when he was in the bottom 2 aww bless him from that moment I knew tamera would be out tamera got a shit voice always forgetting her words that bitch Luke is the real winner!! xxx

  • aria

    OMG me too hanna tht song made me cry h8 tamera too i love you luke luke to win hes gotthe best voice out of every one left then its nicolas then sam luke to winn!!

  • Rachel

    How much weight has Luke put on since the start of the X Factor ?