Cheryl Cole wins X Factor 2014 judging battle with Nicole Scherzinger


Cheryl Cole only agreed to her return on The X Factor after being assured Nicole Scherzinger wouldn't be back.

It had been claimed that X Factor boss Simon Cowell wanted feuds between the pair but Cheryl insisted on it being one or the other.

"She [Cheryl] isn’t keen on sharing the job with Nicole and could use that as leverage when it comes to negotiations," a source said last month.

They added: “If it comes down to Cheryl or Nicole – everyone would back Cheryl and she knows that.”

And the insider proved right with Cheryl being announced as a new judge this year while Simon confirmed Nicole's exit in a simple tweet.

The music mogul wrote online: "Thank you Nicole for everything.”

According to new! magazine this week, Cheryl eventually signed her deal to make a comeback almost as soon as Nicole's exit was confirmed, with insiders claiming Cheryl would only agree with Nicole quit.

The pair had worked together on the USA version of the show in 2011 but didn't exactly get along with Cheryl branding her first meeting with Nicole "awkward" and "embarrassing".

"The first time I met Nicole was when she was performing on The X Factor in London." Cheryl wrote in her autobiography. "'Oh my God, Cheryl! You're just as pretty in real life! I heard your song on the radio!' she had gushed. It was really embarrassing.

"Then she started singing 'Promise This' to me, and I swear to God the woman sang the whole song, to my face. It was just so awkward."

Cheryl Cole 2

And things were made worse when Cheryl went on to be axed from the show only to be replaced by Nicole on the panel just two audition shows into filming.

While the girls won't be on the show this year there could still be some battles ahead as both have plans to release new albums in the autumn.

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  • I hate Cheryl

    Nicole Scherzinger all the way! Nicole is a gorgeous singer who is kind hearted, down to earth and caring, while Cheryl is only knows how to quarrel with celebrities and you can see that all over the Internet. Nicole is the truth Cheryl, so stop being so petty and let the past go. Nicole is just being nice and she wanted to make friends with you, but you are so mean and you treated her like that. What a joke Cheryl, the reason why Nicole is more successful than you is because YOUR ATTITUDE STINKS. Period.

    • Love Cheryl

      What you have got to be kidding. Viewings went down with Nicole, she's an annoying, self righteous, egotistical cow! Cheryl is a sweetheart, and has an intelligent mind and sensitive soul, that's why people want her, I also suspect viewing will go back when she returns!

    • JCW

      How exactly is Nicole more successful than Cheryl ?
      I know who's bank account i'd rather have !

    • Julissa Schwenzfeiers

      Nicole is more successful with fans all around the world. She can sing way better than Cheryl. It's not about how much money it's about wining loves from the fans. Cheryl is always talked bad about Nicole and never once nicole has said anything back. Instead of, nicole complements her cuz nicole is a Christian woman.

    • j

      What?! Girls Aloud may have been Britain's most successful girlband at one point but the Pussycat Dolls have sold over 50 million records worldwide and are among the biggest girl groups of all time. Plus, Nicole's had a far more successful solo career than Cheryl.

  • The Gossip.

    Cheryl Cole all the way! The TV ratings for The X Factor spoke for themselves didn't they really? We obviously don't know them personally, but Nicole seems like a bit of an attention seeker from what we've seen.

    • andy

      the ratings are typical for the life span, x factor hit its peak years ago . all programs are popular then decline - life span. Cheryl comeback will be a boost put then it will decline via a natural cycle. even only fools and hoarse peaked then decline , all popular shows do. ppl will tune in to x factor just cos of the hype of Cheryl comeback, when the novelty wears it will decline, cowell is just staving off the inevitable.

      Nicole all the way !!! nicole = talent , i like cheryl but shes just too big and not classy at all ( GBH in 2003) her mouth her swearing. her lack of talent - her vocals are awful

    • Love Cheryl

      So what your saying is that you don't like Cheryl because, she lost her temper in a time when she was younger, and didn't understand the world. WE ALL DO THINGS WE REGRET WHEN YOUNG! I BET YOU DID TOO!!! Not only that but the cow who claimed Cheryl hit her, was making out her injuries to be worse, to get compensation, just like politicians make false stories to smear each other. At the end of the day the past is past, the future is for ours, and the present is a gift. Let lying dogs be! We will never really know what happened, none of us were there, all we hear is 'Chinese whispers' from the papers, and usually things get muddled up!

    • John

      GBH ? lol , it wasn't grievous bodily harm , it was one punch when a 14st toilet attendant grabbed her by the arm ..
      Incidentally Cheryl added 3 million viewers last time round , don't be surprised if they all return .. she has a lot more fans than you might think .. and it doesn't take " class " to climb a mountain to help children in need , it takes guts and heart .. she has both in spades
      And although I agree Nicole is the better singer of the two by a long way, Cheryl is the better performer ..

    • Julissa Schwenzfeiers

      I disagreed, nicole has more class than Cheryl. Nicole is interesting and inspiration. She has more to offer than Cheryl. Cheryl is too boring. Nicole can sing way better than Cheryl. I hate Cheryl. Nicole has more fans ..not just in uk but around the world.

  • ILoveTheXfactor

    What is with all the Cheryl hate? We don't know if this is true or not! Tabloids make things up. The judges don't usually get to choose who is on the panel with them


    i'm not watching x factor as long as cheryl is in the x factor!!! i tried to like cheryl but the fact that she trash about pussycat dolls back in 2006 and yet still trashing nicole till now, shows that she is jealous, talentless, and no class. plus the whole reason she is back cz she is using x factor as her platform to promote her upcoming uninteresting album. Nicole on the other hand makes the whole x factor interesting with her sense of humour and doesn't make everything about her but her contestants and really knows what she is talking about

  • Julissa Schwenzfeiers

    I hate Cheryl! Nicole is all natural, her hair is all hers unlike Cheryl wears extension. Nicole has never dished about Cheryl. Nicole can singer, Cheryl can't sing like Nicole. Cheryl talked bad about Nicole since she was in girls aloud group. Pussycat dolls more successful than her group. Cheryl is jealous of Nicole. Cheryl needs to grow up. She is thirsty something, it's not like she is in 20s?

  • Julissa Schwenzfeiers

    I hate Cheryl. Love Nicole! I'm not watching X Factor since Nicole is not on.

  • The Real Geordie

    What a load of old crap! Nicole stated months ago she would not come back to X Factor this year. She even regretted X Factor last year half way through the filming of the show.
    The only good thing about Cheryl Cole is... Oh wait there's nothing good about this wanna be singer/actress! Even her so called Geordie accent is FAKE! Anyone in the North East can do that they just have to act common...



  • hate cheryl even more

    X FACTOR, if u r trying to gain viewer rating by bringing cheryl back, not going to happen cz i aint watching anymore. I WANT NICOLE! period.

  • zzzz…Make way for Tweedy

    Nicole Scherzinger has far more talent (and personality) in her pinkie than Simon's little talentless pet Cheryl Tweedy! Nicole outshines Cheryl in every way. Cheryl's beautiful and has some endearing qualities, she is very thick-skinned as well, but she is over-promoted, has, at best, an average singing voice and can be quite manipulative and nasty. Nicole is sweet, sensitive, intelligent, a skilled dancer (won Dancing With The Stars USA in 2010 and was in the Pussycat Dolls, which speaks for itself), a magnificent singer (check her Don't Cry For Me Argentina performance, it's incredible, then check Cheryl's Diamond Jubliee performance, which was horrible, and you can clearly see, reluctantly or not, who is better and Nicole is in a league of Beyonce, I'm dead serious), she's real, she's extremely kind yet takes no messing (just search Nicole Scherzinger I Will Always Love You X Factor Audition and you'll see) and is stunningly beautiful inside out... And who did Simon offer a bigger deal to to return to the X Factor? Nicole was offered £3million. Cheryl was offered £1.5million and took it, because she needed to promote her next album after the last one didn't do terribly well.
    Deep down I want Cheryl back on the X Factor mainly because she brings controversy and scandal and she is an edgy sweetheart. But Nicole is WAYYYYYY BETTER.